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Soothing Lullaby

Kanun is the lead instrument of this emotional track. It is perfect for use in lullabies for babies and sentimental videos. In addition to this, it may be used in relaxing videos, YouTube videos and travel videos.


I have lately been listening to some church choir music from Georgia and Armenia and have been increasingly interested in vocal music from different parts of the world. This interest pushed me to write a short piece for male choir and basses. I find this combination so interesting, with its deep sou...


An emotional track feautiring the kanun as a lead instrument.Perfect for use as a sad ,dramatic scene ,sentimental videos , parting scenes.What is more ,the track may be used in relax videos, Youtube, documentaries and travel videos.


World music track featuring the kanun as the lead instrument. It can be used for dramatic scenes, sentimental videos, parting scenes, documentaries, television, movies, YouTube, relaxing videos, vacations, and meditation.

Bigband Middle Eastern Jazz

Big Band Jazz track with Armenian folklore flavour. Enjoyable rythmic characters of the authentic Broadway style jazz will satisfy your demands for sure. Lead part with Middle Eastern instrument Oud is fully representing Armenian behaviour and sentimentalism at the same time. Track is fit for casino...

Middle Eastern Smooth Jazz

Middle Eastern Smooth Jazz piece of music special for branding of projects, travel sites, sensual vlogs and a lot more. Enjoy the authentic piano sounding with the flavour of Armenian folklore and the colorite of ancient caucasian instruments such as duduk, turkish intruments such as Oud, Ney, Kan...

Art Of Bigband

Massive Broadway Big Band Jazz music` "Art Of Bigband" by Arman Mkhitarian is a jazz/funk track, It is grand and fun featuring horns, brass and drums. The excellent sounding and Armenian folklore are giving the uniqueness to this track. Energetic and Upbeat drums and percussion will get your media ...

Sad Duduk Dle Yaman

Emotional and Epical, Folkloric and Atmospheric piece of music, featuring 2000 years old Armenian reed instrument called Duduk and a warm synth atmo pad. In the style of Arabic, Folk, Atmo, Soundscape, Meditative. The beautiful Armenian melody will evoke feeling of tenderness. Track is just right fo...


Cinematic world music track featuring the armenian duduk as a lead instrument. Perfect for use in documentaries, mountain scenes. Track is evolving with percussion and tribal african / indian vocals.

Arabian Nights

Charming and dreamy middle-eastern orchestral music featuring ethnic instruments like Armenian duduk, santoor, oud, percussions and strings. Fascinating cinematic atmopshere perfect for travel documentaries, vlogs and advertising.


Duduk atmosphere features those ambient sounds (made by a unique instrument called “duduk”) which create an amazing cinematic and deep atmosphere. This is an expressive and mysterious music story specially designed for your unique projects.
Yann Keerim
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