Maxim Mironuk

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Media_M - Composer, sound designe, producer. I have been writing music for 8 years. I work in different styles.

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Fun Upbeat Happy Ukulele

Composer: Media_M
Easy Happy Upbeat Ukulele Uplifting Positive perfect commercial instagram background track in style acoustic folk swing jazz & animal children pop MOOD: CATCHY, INSPIRING, MOTIVATIONAL, ENERGETIC, FUN, UPBEAT, POSITIVE, OPTIMISTIC MI used: guitar, ukulele, drums, piano, strings, glock, bass, claps...


Composer: Media_M
Ambient background track with soft piano, marimba, percussion, fx and slow deep pad and strings sound. Perfect for cinematic documentary, presentations, commercial trailers, film.

Deep Ambient

Composer: Media_M
Inspirational ambient background music track with nostalgic, emotional feel. The track mixes warm, reverberate piano, soft muted guitar with filtered electro synthesizers, lirgt strings, air bass and drums.


Composer: Media_M
A very epic track, full of emotion and heroism deep feelings. Perfect for trailer, video games, commercial, films, video, advertising.


Composer: Media_M
Positive, uplifting and happy instrumental, based on the modern guitar sound, piano, drums, strings and more. Dynamically evolving structure of the composition, with an explosion of positive emotion in the final part. Sounds like U2, Snow Patrol and Angels & Airwaves. Works well for modern corporate...

Fun Kids

Composer: Media_M
This track will take you to cartoon world and tale! Unique sounds and a cheerful mood. Bouncy Buoyant Carefree Cheeky Cheerful Friendly Fun Funny Happy Hectic Joyful Light Nostalgic Optimistic Playful Silly Swinging Whimsical

Middle East Mystery

Composer: Media_M
Middle eastern flavour, ideal for a documentary or short film. Instruments include Duduk, Flute, pad and drone.

Background Ambient

Composer: Media_M
'Background Ambient' is an Inspirational, Calm, Elegant, and Uplifting Track. Great for storytelling, motivational videos, travel vlogs, tv shows, advertising, presentation and more.

Funk Energy

Composer: Media_M
Funny funky jazz track featuring brass, piano, sax, trumpet, trombone, breakbeat drums and perfusions , bass guitar and double bass. Cool for your video project, advertising, commercials, YouTube videos, cooking videos, vlogs, and any project that needs a fresh, fun music background with great ener...

Corporate Success

Composer: Media_M
An motivational, dynamic, energizing, inspiring and uplifting emotional business summer pop rock track with piano, acoustic guitars, harmonics, electric guitars, synths, plucks, strings, bass and drums and percussion. This track is suitable for uplifting, motivationals and inspiring projects to set ...


Composer: Media_M
A simple, warm, motivational, inspiring, energizing and uplifting emotional ambient business summer pop rock track with piano, acoustic guitars, harmonics, electric guitars, synths, plucks, strings, bass and drums and percussion. This track is suitable for uplifting, motivationals and inspiring proj...

Fun Pop

Composer: Media_M
Acoustic pop instrumental track instroduced by crackling handclapping. Acoustic guitars, piano, drums, bass, claps, snaps. Breezy, upbeat mood. Perfect for kids, childrens videos, animals, pets videos, advertising, Youtube, slideshow and more.

Summer EDM

Composer: Media_M
Summer EDM is a catchy, modern, uplifting, stylish, energetic summer pop electronic dance music track with a fresh, breezy, upbeat and exciting feel, happy, inspiring and positive mood featuring modern piano, synthesizers, tropical plucks, claps, powerful dance beats, lifters, sweeps, and sub drops,...

Ambient Calm

Composer: Media_M
Ambient corporate background track. Uplifting, inspiring, calm, warm and motivational music. Perfect for corporate presentations, innovative videos, technological presentations, websites, motivational infographics, uplifting and inspiring projects, YouTube videos, tutorials, slideshows, montages, op...

African Story

Composer: Media_M
African Story is a sunny, inspirational, positive African track. Featuring Piano, African Marimbas, Flutes, African Percussions, Kalimba. Perfect for: Videos about Africa and Wild Nature, Travel Projects, Documentaries, Background Music, Emotional Slide Show, TV or Radio advert, Youtube Video, Socia...

Retro 80s

Composer: Media_M
Straight eighties synth pop with fat analog synth bass and drum machine. Perfect for video, Youtube, advertising, Vimeo, retro film, presentation and more. energetic power fitness fun neon drum machine


Composer: Media_M
Inspirational, emotional and beautiful melody suitable for film, documentary, advertising, teasers, trailers, relaxing and enjoyable commercial projects.

Night Lounge

Composer: Media_M
Slow Tempo lounge music with muted guitar, synth, piano, strings, glitch drums, bass, pads and a lot of electronic elements.


Composer: Media_M
Soft and Ethereal track with big lush pads and flute. Perfect for voicing videos about nature, as well as for meditation, relaxation, Spa, yoga and much moreā€¦


Composer: Media_M
Corporate track featuring electric guitars, piano, air strings and harmonics. GREAT FOR ADVERTISING, INSPIRATIONAL PROJECTS, UPLIFTING VIDEOS, TEAMWORK, COMMERCIAL, YOUTUBE.
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