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Energetic and bouncy dance track. Great for summer fun, walk-throughs, fps, gym and workout videos, party, sports, athletics, gym, club, unboxing, reviews, freeletics, calisthenics, compilations and more.

Feeling Ready For It

Mysterious, dark electronic track with action/suspense feel. Solid groove, electric guitar and synths.

Feel That Groove

Groovy electronic track with driving beat and catchy quirky synths

Electro Nights

Edgy, raw electronic track with cool beat and dark synths

Downtown Core

Ambient Electronic track with mysterious synths and light percussion. Very atmospheric.

Back Street Chase

Mysterious electronic track with driving percussion and dark, atmospheric synths.

Tripping The Mind Out

Hardcore, edgy modern Dance Club track with driving beat, vocal samples and trippy, catchy synths.

Tranced Out

Trippy Dance Pop track with solid groove and mysterious pads / synths. Builds gradually throughout...

Strange Behaviour

Trippy Electro Dance Pop track with solid driving groove and edgy hardcore synths.

Spread The Word

Cool modern Electro Pop track with solid groove and catchy synths. Mysterious, trance-like atmosphere...

Hot On The Dance Floor

Modern Pop Dance track with solid groove and catchy synths. Sure to get ya moving!!

Hardcore Power House

Energetic, Electro Pop track with solid action-packed groove and catchy edgy synths.

Going Sonic Crazy

Trippy Dance Pop track with solid groove and catchy, quirky synths.

Electro Party Night

Electro Dance Pop track with solid driving beat and mysterious trippy synths.

Edgy Underground

Dark, mysterious Electro Dance track with trippy synths and solid driving beat.

Crazy Dance Party

Quirky Dance Pop track with solid groove, catchy synths and vocal samples.

Thumbs up

This powerful dance groove should fit as background music to various types of your project. Commercial,Youtube,Video Games,as long as the project require energetic feel to it. This item is the right choice for Background.It start off with filtered sound, like “old radio sound”. It is soon develo...

Solid Dance Groove

Energetic and solid Dance music groove,4/4kicks and pumped bass and synth sound with some additional percussion,transitional material like wind noise and reversed piano and so on.It start off with wide synth mallet sound,bright,glassy pad with percussive loop. It is built up with powerful dance 4/4 ...

Playing For Keeps

Upbeat modern Dance Pop track with catchy synths and driving dance club beat. Get the party started!!

Yann Keerim
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