Summer Future Bass

Motivational and energetic track with deep bass and trendy beat. This music is well suited for vlog about sports, travel, technology, cars, parties.

Dont Stop Dancing

Modern electronic music with piano, synths and strings. It brings good energy for the day. Perfect for a background video.

Fast Drive

Fast, Energetic, Pulsating, Electronic Pop/Dance Instrumental Track.

Live For The Moment, Live In The Now.

Pop, Dance/Electronic, Deep Soulful-House Track. Upbeat and Uplifting with a positive and inspirational Theme.

Future Brain

''Future Brain'' is a powerful, hard, electronic track with a mix between a retro (80’s synth) feels and modern sounds. Background music for videos, industrial video projects, hi-tech videos, sci-fi films, science documentaries, technical presentations, corporate videos, advertising and marketing ...

Electric Shock (no lead)

Powerful, edgy Electronic track with wailing synth guitar, solid drum groove, pounding bass and pads. Laid back, yet very punching, this atmospheric track is great for Science Fiction, Technology, Mystery, Suspense and Action projects.

Seize the Momentum

An uplifting, energetic, and upbeat electronic track featuring futuristic synths, deep sub-bass, glitchy textures, and punchy beats. Great for technology, innovation, sports, promos, fitness, workout, adrenaline videos, and more. Composer: Thiago Pospichil Marques (BMI) CAE/IPI # 679585766 Publishe...

Yann Keerim
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