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Slow Chilling Vaporwave

Slow Chilling Vaporwave is an old school sound beat with retro dreamy synths.

The Retro Beach

An instrumental Rock and Roll track inspired in the early Surf music. With a very retro vibe and a funny mood.


A vintage sounding Drum and Bass tune with live drum kit sound, stompy bass and Hammond organ using lesley rotating speaker with plenty of key changes.

Surf It Up

This is a chill and wavy surf rock track. This will take you back to the 50's and 60's on a sunny chill Southern California afternoon.

Once Upon a Time in 1977

A retro, futuristic royalty-free 80s synthwave track, with analog synths, leads, bass, electric guitars, and vintage electro beats, best for indie games, ads, vlogs, or podcasts.

Love For All

An instrumental smooth Funk track with a Retro vibe. Perfect for vlogs, ads and movies.

Our Temptative Date

An instrumental retro R&B track with a happy mood and a catchy electric guitar riff. Perfect for vlogs or ads.

Fast Romance

An instrumental 80s fast and powerful Synthwave track.

The Neon Car

An instrumental 80s Synthwave track with a very powerful mood.

Cactus Flower (Synthwave Theme)

An instrumental 80s inspired track with a Synthwave and Retro Soundtrack vibe.

Movie Night with my VHS

A vintage style song right out of the 90’s with all its cheesy synth sounds . Fits really well on commercials, tv shows, and vlogs.

Party In The 90s

This is fresh, exclusive, modern, motivational, uplifting pop track. Featuring Electric Guitar, plucks, synth, bass, pads, drums & percussion. Perfect for Youtube Videos, School and College Work, Podcast, Film, Television, Promotional Presentation, Home Video, Viral Marketing Campaign, Mobile Phone...

Tell Me

1960's Northern-Soul/Motown-Style Pop Track.

She's My Baby

A 50s pop/ballad song in the pure style of The Four Seasons or The Beach Boys. Singed by several harmonic vocals, and played by electric guitar, piano, bass and drums.

Yann Keerim
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