Solar System

''Solar System'' is a synthwave electronic track with a feeling of flight, space, and globality. Background music for videos, industrial video projects, hi-tech videos, sci-fi films, documentaries of science and space, technical presentations, advertising and marketing videos, websites, social media...

Funky Monkey (No Drums)

A cool Urban Funk track with catchy electric guitar, slap bass and groovy beat. Great for happy, comical, fresh Retro music for your project!

No Cows Around

Country track with banjo, electric lap steel slide guitar, echoing harmonica and a steady back beat. Mid tempo and perfect for travel, wheeling around and outdoors.

Grinding Gears

Mid tempo rock beat with grinding slide guitar lines on the electric lap steel guitar and harmonica. Perfect for outdoors, traveling and nature.

Silent Movie Ragtime

Old school vintage happy solo piano ragtime. Ideal for silent movies, pub scenes, saloon bars and comedy. Perfect for advertising, background, funny sketches and presentations.

80s Italo Disco

A 1980’s pumping Italo Disco/synth-pop track in the style of Modern Talking and Gazebo. Perfect for all kinds of throwback scenes, fashion shows and comedy bits!

70s Disco Fever

A fun and funky throwback to the disco fever times of the late 1970's and early 1980's, a groovy track for the kings of the dance floor! Instrumentation includes brass section, electric bass, wah guitar, soaring strings, drums, claps and wurtilizer organ Perfect for any kind of throwback videos, tv...

Death Race

Energetic-dramatic electro pop full of action with synthpop / wave, industrial and rock elements. Spherical retro synth sounds meet aggressive guitars and driving beat!


Powerful, action-packed synth pop / wave with atmospheric 1980s retro sounds, driving arpeggio, groovy bassline and a cool disco beat.

Yann Keerim
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