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The Halcyon

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Cinematic trailer music for your video production, video game, slideshow, films and more...


Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Beautiful cinematic orchestral soundtrack for your film production, advertising, video game, television broadcasting and more....

Cinematic Orchestral Ambient

Composer: Sebastien Marchand
Slow cinematic orchestral track made for inspiring, motivational and reflective projects and videos (youtube videos, video games, movies, events, etc.). This mellow but hopeful track features real instruments (strings, piano, keyboards, drum, timpani, horns and upright bass).

Mission Fort Knox

Composer: Michael Adels
Suspenseful track with modern sounds. Useful for a lot of background applications. Crime thriller, action movie and much more.

Day Of Reckoning

Composer: Michael Adels
Dark cinematic track with a great sense of danger and foreboding. Imminent confrontation, conflict, preparing for a battle. Perfect for action films, espionage, action thriller.

Water Flowing

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Poignant piano solo piece of music with nostalgic, sad feeling. Suffered execution, evocative atmosphere.

Slow Emotional Piano

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Subtle, delicate piano music with positive mood. Nostalgic yet optimistic and serene.

Sad Orchestral

Composer: Alexey Kukhianidze
This sad and emotional royalty free music track is perfect for drama movies, cinematic films, trailers, documentaries, inspiring commercials, hollywood movie themes and short film cinematic projects. Thanks for listening and purchasing :)

Supreme Waltz (Piano and Orchestra)

Composer: Neil Cross
Very emotional and romantic piece with beautifully performed piano and light orchestral backing. This track has a true sense of longing and passion, combined with feelings of hope and optimism. Great for scenes requiring classy, sentimental and elegant music.


Composer: Paul Werner
Inspiring filmscore featuring piano and modern orchestral instruments.


Instrumental composition made for piano solo. The music is emotional and poignant and the style is very near to improvisational classical with a clear structure. The mood is romantic with a touch of melancholy. The rhythm has plenty of dynamism and it's very sentimental and expressive.

Discovering the New Land

Instrumental music made for piano and orchestra and strings. The music has a steady rhythm but it’s not too fast and the mood is adventurous with a little bit of action. This composition is positive and depicts a scene walking and discovering new lands step by step, little by little. The style is ...

spacious reflective Piano

spacious reflective Piano piece, similar in style to 'American beauty' movie, piano music

Sad Violin & Cello Stinger

Composer: artsygoat
A sad, touching, heartbreaking but also tranquil, mellow and hopeful piece of music that will bring tears in your eyes, peace in your soul and courage in your heart… Perfect for: Sad scenes, Sad event opener, Drama movies, Fallen Heroes videos, Destruction movies, Sad intro, Dramatic films, Trail...

Dawn of Hope - Cinematic Uplifting Trailer Music

Composer: Jonathan Wright
Dawn of Hope is a positive, inspiring epic orchestral trailer music, with a powerful, emotional melody. A beautiful celestial piano is joined by strings, brass, synths and huge percussion which build to a massive, uplifting cinematic climax.

Emotional Dramatic Piano

Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
"Emotional Dramatic Piano" is an inspiring, beautiful and emotionally track using piano,bells,acoustic guitar,vibraphone,cinematic percussion and drums. Perfect for wedding videos,romantic videos,photo slideshows,motivational presentations...

Touching Intense and Beautiful Love Story

Composer: artsygoat
Emotional, storytelling, touching and breathtaking piece of music, filled with intensity passion, love and nostalgia with a soft, heartfelt, sensitive, dreamy and mellow piano, poignant, moving and sad violin and cello melodies and beautiful and inspiring cinematic strings... Instruments feature pi...

Beautiful Uplifting Acoustic

Composer: Gentle Jammers
Sweet, positive, acoustic music track, featuring piano, acoustic & electric guitars, uplifting bells, warm pads. Perfect for: Romantic Videos, Inspirational Commercials, Motivational and Uplifting Presentations, Life Achievements, Personal Growth, Emotional Slideshows, Christian Projects, Wedding Vi...

Rescue Mission

Composer: Michael Adels
A dramatic synth and drum combination with string swells and percussion hits.

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