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Promise (Cinematic Trailer Story)

A hybrid piece of music with catchy melodies. Staccato violins, driving rhythms and lush basses. Can be used for trailers and credits

The Way (Emotional Orchestral Story)

It's like a journey into the unknown. Intro and extro, melancholic melodies, percussion and powerful taiko drums mark the path. Ultimately, everything leads to a climax

The Rebellion (Cinematic Orchestral Story)

A versatile piece with three parts. Fast violin runs, insistent brass, punchy percussion effects and bass

Beautiful Reef (Positive and Uplifting Orchestral Story)

This panoramic hybrid track takes you on a dive through an overwhelming coral reef. Lush strings accompanied by powerful horns, pulsating synth bass and filigree percussion paint this picture

Ivory (Intense Orchestral Trailer Story)

Piano intro, transition into staccato cellos, staccato violas and violins melody. From 1:51 breakdown and reconstruction with vocal phrases, climax with drums

Technological Inspiring Corporate

Inspirational music with pianos, violins, mute guitar, cinematic and technological elements, which is well suited for advertisements, travel vlogs, motivational videos and other projects.

Thorough Investigation Background

Suspenseful background music track to support media with a tense and or investigative atmosphere. The combination of marimba, piano and synthesizers keep the arrangement moving along. Will work perfectly in documentaries, film or any other media seeking tense musical reinforcement.

Cinematic Metal

Heavy and powerful cinematic metal that is great for action packed scenes and videos. It features heavy metal guitars, percussion and electronic elements that make it a great background music track for your project.

Big Epic Journey (strings only)

Epic, light-tension track with grand cinematic strings, percussion and piano. Gradually builds throughout - perfect for projects needing powerful, dramatic backing music!

Dramatic Soundtrack

Interesting and evolving cinematic soundtrack with groovy drums and melodic core! Perfect for youtube videos, video games and movie projects!

Ambient Cinematic

Emotional and sentimental ambient cinematic track that is great for youtube videos, movies, short films, trailers, promos, advertisements and more!

Action and Mystery

Cinematic track that is great for action and drama film, movies and youtube videos.

Baleful Ethnic Background Drone

A sad palette consisting of real recorded violins and cello's paint an ominous and tragic atmosphere. Small ethnic sounding motifs and carefully placed deep percussive hits contribute to the suspenseful and dramatic setting. Will work really well as background music in films, documentaries, games ...

Overcoming adversity

A soulful composition of piano and strings, creating an atmosphere of feelings, memories, loneliness and a sad mood. Combined with nostalgic, calm, sad, dramatic, social videos, slide shows, etc.

You Will Survive This Storm

spiritual, considered piano moods. Creating a deep, almost mysterious quality. Resolving into a positive, quietly strong atmosphere.

Lonely Seaside Cafe

David Lynch-esque lonely melancholy electric piano and gentle sea sounds. Creates a haunting, late night feeling.

Wrong choice

An emotional orchestral composition that creates a dramatic atmosphere and a sad mood. Combined with nostalgic, dramatic, sad, social videos, animations, slideshows, YouTube content, etc.

Yann Keerim
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