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Fast and very dramatic cinematic track. Suspense from the first second till the end.

A Heavy Heart - 60 second version

A haunting track played by a music box; full of melancholy and sadness. Music boxes are normally associated with cheerful music, so this is great for creating something unconventional.

A Heavy Heart

A haunting track played by a music box; full of melancholy and sadness. Music boxes are normally associated with cheerful music, so this is great for creating something unconventional.

Beautiful Harp (with bassoon)

Delicate and dreamy classical style piece with harp and soft bassoon melody. Perfect for light and relaxing background music.

The Grand Occasion

Emotional, dreamy orchestral piece beginning with delicate violin melody over accompanying harp and cello. Gradually builds into elegant, grand section with full string section, brass and powerful choir. Great for powerful, dramatic, epic cinematic music.

Joni Drone

An interesting and non repeating drone which has a minimal percussion element to it. Ace as an underscore as it doesn't divert attention away from the pictures.

Beautiful Nature

Epic and panoramic, cinematic orchestral track with beautiful lush strings, horns and atmospheric synths that convey a sense of respect, awe and wonder. Great for documentaries, video games, adverts and trailers.

Orchestra Piano Minimal

Uplifting and inspiring ambient track, with motivational harmonies and melodies. This composition will work great in TV, films, videos and commercials.


"Rebirth" - An inspiring emotional cinematic soundtrack for your movie, advertising, television broadcasting or video production. The track is filled with real feelings and emotions! Thanks !

Triumphant Event (piano only)

Dramatic, solo grand piano piece. Begins with delicate, emotional piano melody, then gradually builds into a more intense section. After reaching a climax, the piece returns to the elegant piano melody.

Destiny Awaits - Epic Emotional Music

Epic, emotional and cinematic cue. Lush, melodic strings are joined by bold percussion, bright horns and synth elements that build to a dramatic, uplifting climax.


Cinematic orchestral and romantic soundtrack for your films, advertising, television, slideshow and more...

Magical Piano

Beautiful inspirational magical piano for your video projects, advertising production, slideshow, television broadcasting , romantic presentations and more...

Emotional Cinematic Piano

A powerful and inspiring track ideal for cinematic action, drama, fantasy, sports productions and more. Overall bittersweet and melancholy, it has tones of searching and determination. It would be great for film underscore, documentaries and trailers. Give your project the inspirational and epic sou...

White And Far

Soothing piece with strings, electric guitar and piano.

True Legend

This is beautiful cinematic music with truly inspiring atmosphere and cinematic orchestra sound. This epic music can be used in films, stories, trailers and adventure scenes. Beautiful guitar, strings, piano, horns, cello, basses and trombones create unique and a bit mysterious mood of fairytale or ...

Like In Fairytale

This is beautiful and magical cinematic music with lovely and excited atmosphere. Main instruments are strings, pads, piano, cello, bass bells and soft kick drum. Such a delighted background music co be perfectly fitted an any wedding videos, fairy late videos or animation, cartoons, inspirational a...

Plane Textures

A beautiful little piece which features piano, strings and music box which creates an epic backdrop but with a vulnerable tender melody at the core which implies a story with hidden depth.

Yann Keerim
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