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BACK TO EDEN (Mystic Adventure) - 60sec version

Composer: Alessandro Gozzo
Dawn illuminates the day, The Returned can begin to come back to light ... Orchestral soft epic mystic adventure. Available in: Main version / Narrative (no melodies) / 60sec / 30sec / Bumper / Stinger.

The Journey's End (Dramatic Orchestra Cue)

Composer: Cole Dowell
Absolutely beautiful soaring strings with legato violin line with counterpoint cello on top of a ambient vocal pad makes it hard to hold back tears. Perfect for cinematic film or TV production needing a powerful emotional impact as in a homecoming, lost of a loved one, heartbreak, or new beginnings....

Sorrows Reflection

Composer: Cole Dowell
Beautiful deep sad pulsing piano chords with a building solo cello line accompanied with a lead legato solo violin. Very emotional and mournful, perfect for film, TV, or any project needing that dramatic feeling of sorrow!


Composer: EnergySound
Countdown – epic hybrid cinematic blockbuster for youtube videos, epic countdown, tv spots, radio and broadcasting. Will be good for cinematic trailers, aggressive trailer, tense trailer and intro presentation teasers, films and cinema

Countdown Riser Trailer

Composer: EnergySound
Countdown Riser Trailer Music – intense action blockbuster stock sound for hybrid and extreme sport projects. Will be good for intro presentations, cinematic advertising, opener, promotionals and more. Good for cinema and films, youtube videos, tv and sport channel, games and gaming, racing sport ...

Countdown Percussion Trailer

Composer: EnergySound
Countdown Percussion Trailer – intense blockbuster stock sound for action trailers and teasers. Good for intro presentations and advertising. Best for cinematic and movie, tv spots, games and gaming, youtube videos, sport extreme raicing car, action channel and more

Action Trailer

Composer: EnergySound
Action Trailer Music – hybrid cinematic blockbuster for action trailers, films, intro presentations, soundtrack for films and movie. Will be good for tv spots, games and gaming, youtube videos and company branding.

Thoughts & Emotions

Composer: Jake Schneider
'Thoughts & Emotions' is a calm, emotional and thought-provoking cinematic piano track with a sad and melancholic mood. This lovely piece would suit media/video projects of this nature; emotional and sentimental videos, trailers, sad background, drama, sad stories, documentaries, time lapse video...

Scars Of The Earth (Epic Orchestra Cue)

Composer: Cole Dowell
A beautiful epic cue with powerful staccato low strings that build up to a soaring emotional string section accompanied with a choir section to bring out the pure epicness of this track. Perfect for film, game, TV, web series, or any other media project needing more drama.

New Beginnings (Orchestra Cue)

Composer: Cole Dowell
Emotional piano accompanied by a building full orchestra that submerges your listener into a dramatic landscape. This cinematic cue is perfect for film, TV, Game or any other project that need a little extra drama.

Prayers for Loved Ones

Composer: Jonathan Wright
Emotional, touching and sentimental orchestral track. A soft, warm piano is accompanied by beautiful solo strings and woodwinds playing an expressive melody.

Last Dance (Dramatic Orchestra Cue)

Composer: Cole Dowell
Hollywood golden period track. Start out with a beautiful piano and build up to a lush symphony of strings, but its the legato violin lines that take over the show with their romantic melody that's sure to give you chills. Perfect for film, game, web, TV or any production needing a emotional impact....

Countdown Epic Trailer

Composer: EnergySound
Countdown Epic Trailer Music – it’s action epic soundtrack with hybrid effects, countdown clock and huge drums and bass. Action and blockbuster atmosphere made this stock sound amazing and beautiful. Modern Hollywood effect and huge braaaams, trailer hits and dubstep beat with hybrid energetic a...

See Inside

Composer: Denys Horokhovskiy
Inspirational and cinematic indie neo-classical ambient track made with felted piano, glock bells and small strings ensemble. Perfect for commercials, nature videos and romantic projects.

Dark Trailer Intro

Composer: EnergySound
Dark Trailer Intro music for youtube videos, blockbusters, games and gaming, hybrid stream, cinema and films, tv spots, intro opener. Soundtrack for intense teasers, action battle war scenes, intro presentations.

Countdown Intro

Composer: EnergySound
Countdown music for cinematic hybrid trailers, blockbusters. Soundtrack for rush and raicing sport youtube videos. Game and gaming, extreme action epic trailer and teaser.

Inspiring Cinematic Epic Trailer

Composer: EnergySound
In Epic Trailer – it’s hybrid heroic cinematic music trailer for movie, intense scenes, opener, Hollywood blockbusters, sport and hero scenes. Massive orchestra ensemble and beautiful modern cinematic effect. Instruments: Massive brams, hybrid horns, Hollywood strings, hybrid effects and more.

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