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Battle of dark swords

A slowly building introduction leads to tense strings and, light woodwinds and horns that create an anticipatory and adventurous mood.


Very emotional piano piece filled with passion and longing. Great for love scene.

Hopes And Dreams SHORT VERSION 2

A delicate, melodic piece filled with elegance and pouring emotion. Grand piano, acoustic guitar and strings. Perfect for romance scene.

Is anyone there?

Sad cinematic piano track with glockenspiel, mandolin and strings.


Light, pulsing, ambient, synth driven cue. Neutral but interesting, perfect for a backstory. Fits nicely under dialogue with synth and reverbed piano. Understated electro with elements of Cliff Martinez, the "Social Network" and Trent Reznor.


Orchestral, epic and timeless piece with horns, piano, string ensemble and harp. Suits perfect in a farewell scene for example and much more.

A Classic Romance SHORT VERSION 3

A beautifully performed piece filled with elegance and pouring emotion. Grand piano with orchestral accompaniment. Perfect for romance scene.

Suspense Factory

Suspenseful and versatile 80s background track for movies, quiz shows, games and many more.

The Stars ( Vocal Song )

Beautiful vocal song with a female voce . Great for film production, wedding video, advertising, slideshow, television broadcasting and more...


Sad, dramaric and melancholic background music with piano, strings, guitar. Ideal for your all emotional scenes, sad videos, documentary, emotional cinematic, sadness scenes, mellow trailers, sad stories and more!

Cinematic Emotional Score

Cinematic orchestral track. Perfect for your trailers, films, video games and other cinematic projects.

Cold Winds

Atmospheric and emotional cinematic track. Haunting strings with synths and subtle evocative vocals. Mysterious and moody.

Cinematic Emotional Epic Drama

Powerful dramatic orchestral track. Perfect for cinematic projects, videogames timelapse video and more!

Feeling Of Gratitude

This is warm, touching and very emotional track with romantic and sentimental atmosphere. Main instruments are piano, strings, pads, orchestra instruments and bells. Beautiful and Lovely cinematic music for Wedding Videos, Love stories, Romantic and Sentimental Videos as well as for other Media, TV,...

Romantic Sentimental Emotion

Background atmospheric track, with slide, steel, acoustic, muted guitars. Perfect for slideshows, wedding videos, romantic scenes or childhood memories project.

Romantic Cinematic

Inspiring emotional story. Perfect for movie trailers, tv show, advertising, presentation, romantic and wedding video.

Open Ground

Distorted violin, electronic bass and a bowed piano combine to produce a tense chase sequence. A melancholy, desolate feel.

Yann Keerim
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