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A slow and melancholic piano track, softly played and ideal for anything needing tender or delicate emotions.

Cinematic Indie Sentimental

Sentimental cinematic track with delicate kalimba, soft marimba, orchestral strings and flowing pads that makes inspiring and soft atmosphere. This background music is perfect for any inspirational and motivational videos, indie film, YouTube videos, TV and radio production, nature videos and photo ...

Palomino (Ambient Guitar)

Pads and reversed guitar combine to give this track an expansive, lonely feel. Staring to the horizon, windswept with a sense of longing.

Brooding Menace

A dark cinematic underscore with eerie textures, orchestral strings, female vocalizing.


Dramatic cinematic theme with orchestral strings

Storm Cloud

Atmospheric cinematic ambient track with balanced electronic and organic orchestral elements.


Gentle and soft ambient track with piano, toy glockenspiel and electronic backgrounds

Dance Of The Leaves

Hypnotic background music with evolving strings and a hypnotic epiano pattern.

Don't Send Me Away

A beautiful guitar theme guides through a composition with harp, strings and a rhythm part at the end.

Action Cue 44

A short and intense action track with nervous staccato strings and synth chords. The tight drums are accompanied by a continuous low string hit. Suspense until the last second.


Cinematic hybrid orchestral track with a powerful motivational atmosphere.

Bright New Day (short v2)

Peaceful, delicate orchestral tune with a sense of hope and slight melancholy. Strings, harp and a beautiful woodwind melody - this piece is dreamy, tender and filled with emotion.

Never Let Go (short version)

Dreamy, melancholic solo piano piece with delicate, tasteful melody, A real sense of romance, hope and passion. Great as emotional music to enhance an emotional sense.

A Romantic Dream

"A Romantic Dream" is a very beautiful, romantic and cinematic piano track. In the second pass a big orchestra with violins, violas and cellos play along with the soft and dynamic piano to underline the longing and mellow melody. This track works perfect in a movie or film about dreaming, a wonderfu...

First Flight

Atmospheric and inspirational ambient background track with organic and electronic elements.

Yann Keerim
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