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The Epicness

This powerful cinematic track uses piano, horn, string and brass sections, percussion and chorus. This is a good choice for trailers, teasers, historical movies and other projects.


Haunting, Anguished Female Voice (No Lyrics) with Synth Strings.

My Limbo

A soft guitar arpeggio, with straight kick and pad sounds


A rock piano track, with drums and guitar patterns


Calm ambient cinematic track with a string group, harp, slow rhythm section and a small glitch effects. It is well suited for presentations, advertisements, slow-mo, trailers and more.

Romantic Epic

This is inspirational music using the sound of a full orchestra, piano and cinematic percussion.

The Contemplation Game Tension Cue

Suspenseful, dramatic and slightly melancholic background track featuring piano, pizzicato strings and various rhythmic elements. The track paints a picture of contemplation, doubt and reflection and works very well in documentaries, drama, or any other production in need of an original tense music ...

Investigation Ambient

Background electronic music using the sounds of deep piano, bells and electronic glitch effects for video games, movies about the investigation, detective, documentaries.

Very Cautious

A dark and brooding ominous suspense track that creates a nervous atmosphere. Perfect for documentaries, films or other productions in need of high quality tension background music.

An Ongoing Investigation

Suspenseful background track consisting of cello’s, synthesizers and other tense elements. This track starts without an introduction and this makes it perfectly suited to use in a film or documentary or any other production where a quick switch to suspense is needed.

Mysterious Investigation Theme Ident

Dark and ominous suspenseful theme that builds to a climax. The piano motif is easily recognizable and therefore perfect to use as a leader for documentaries or other investigative productions. My portfolio is protected by Identifyy. After you buy a license to one of my tracks it is extremely easy ...

Uncertain Times Tension Cue

Pulses, drones and ticking make up a tense atmosphere. Perfect to use in your news item, documentary or any production in need of a light suspenseful tone. The track never gets overwhelming and is designed to easily blend in with other elements. My portfolio is protected by Identifyy. After you bu...

Yann Keerim
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