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The Designer

A beautiful mellow instrumental featuring felt piano, pads, French horn, and strings suitable for film/tv scenes requiring peaceful and inspiring orchestral music. Would serve very well as a film score, trailer music, romantic scenes, drama music, motivational videos, nostalgic moments, movie ending...

Loss (Melancholic and Inspiring Cinematic)

A soft and melancholic piano melody leading to a very emotional and inspiring orchestral climax. Perfect for background music in romantic trailers, sentimental scenes, YouTube videos and wherever an emotional atmosphere is needed.

Orphanage (Soft Nostalgic Orchestral)

A soft celeste and pad opening and a nostalgic piano melody leading to a full orchestra emotional climax. Great for background music in videos, love scenes, presentations, or whenever a soft and romantic atmosphere is needed.


Inspiring, dramatic, hopeful, and beautiful cinematic soundtrack. Touching, solemn, tender, elegant, encouraging; feelings of joy for your media work. Perfect for background music in slideshows, inspirational commercials, motivational and uplifting presentations, sad & sentimental videos, coaching, ...


Calm & Emotional Ambient Classical Piano & Violin music. Perfect for background music in romantic trailers, films, YouTube videos and wherever an emotional tone is needed.

Growing Hope

Inspirational music piece with gentle piano and orchestral strings. Suitable for emotional moments in movies, commercials, etc.

In the Deep Darkness

A dark, moody, mysterious background track. Someone is searching for answers in the depths of their soul.

Dark Water Voyage

An ominous, somewhat anxious track featuring pulsating synth pad layers and strings. Ideal as a dark cinematic background.

For When It Rains

Sad & Emotional Ambient Piano Music featuring soprano angelic/ethereal vocals and atmospheric synthesizer background. Perfect as a background for motivational, inspiring, emotional videos.

Epic Cinematic Background

"Epic Cinematic Background" is an uplifting emotional epic music track, designed to work along with corporate videos, explainers, product presentations, movies, trailers, drone and wedding videos. It features an emotional piano, orchestral strings, horns and percussion, as well as risers and drops ...

The Fallen (Orchestral Anthem)

A melancholic orchestral track with a soft boys choir melody, followed by a lyrical cello and piano part, leading to a full orchestra and men’s choir very sentimental anthemic finale. Great for creating a melancholic and at the same time heroic background atmosphere in various films, videos or oth...

Starlight Valse

A calm and sentimental melody going from harp to flutes and finally to the violin, leading to an emotional full orchestra climax and ending softly but with a touch of mystery.

The Secret (Piano & Orchestra Lyrical Adventure)

An emotional track, starting with a soft piano and cello melody, leading to a more dynamic full orchestra second part, with a heroic brass lead and returning to a soft piano closing. Great for a variety of projects, like films, videos, commercials or documentaries.

Bizarre Nature (Ambient Documentary)

Warm, space groove with timeless feel. Submerges in relaxable, contemplate atmosphere. Suitable for waiting moments

Cinematic Epic Trailer | Orchestral, Sad, Motivational Track

Epic & Cinematic Trailer track with orchestral instruments like as: Strings, Horns, Pianos and Percussion perfect for any multimedia project.

Yann Keerim
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