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Inspirational Pianos

Calming inspirational piano for your video, advertising or films.


Reflective and atmospheric song with piano and strings. Inspired by the music of Thomas Newman.

Longing for You

A thoughtful, emotional and reflective track featuring soft, gentle, and beautiful piano melody. This track may be incorporated into various types of media applications including, but not limited to, commercials, advertisements, film/television, romantic videos, documentary series, inspirational pr...

Grandpa Told Me

This emotional song is accompanied by a rhythm that reflects a clock tickin and the time melting away. Perfect for sentimental moments.

The Moment Of Mercy

This is sincere and gentle cinematic music with warm, peaceful and a bit sad atmosphere. Main instruments are piano, strings, cello, choir and timpani. This beautiful and touching track could be used in films, love story Videos, wedding videos, slide-shows or other sentimental projects.

Omnistance 1

A mystery theme with soft synth textures and a 'stranger things' arpeggiated piano.

Old Pictures

A pensive dreamy ambient underscore with fender rhodes and organic textures in the background.

Nathan talks to his Mother

A pensive ambient cinematic underscore with acoustic piano, orchestral strings and delicate synth pads in the background.

Cinematic Acoustic Guitar Ident

Short musical logo for your intro, outro, ident, stinger and more.Good music for TV Show, cinema , travel, presentations, news, telecasts, podcast, nature movies etc.

Hope and Restoration

A sad cinematic theme with orchestral strings and oboe melody


a dreamy pensive ambient theme with reversed textures and organic synths

A Soft Focus

A short melancholy piece performed softly on piano. This piece is great for anything romantic or nostalgic that is tinged with sadness of regret.

On The Hill

Moving, emotional acoustic piece accompanied by dramatic strings and Piano. Dramatic music piece that builds into a big ending, would be perfect for a commercial or trailer for a film.


A slow and melancholic piano track, softly played and ideal for anything needing tender or delicate emotions.

Cinematic Indie Sentimental

Sentimental cinematic track with delicate kalimba, soft marimba, orchestral strings and flowing pads that makes inspiring and soft atmosphere. This background music is perfect for any inspirational and motivational videos, indie film, YouTube videos, TV and radio production, nature videos and photo ...

Palomino (Cinematic Ambient Electronic Guitar)

Pads and reversed guitar combine to give this track an expansive, lonely feel. Staring to the horizon, windswept with a sense of longing.

Brooding Menace

A dark cinematic underscore with eerie textures, orchestral strings, female vocalizing.

Yann Keerim
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