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A Touch Of Hope

Powerful epic inspiring music for cinematic and tv projects

Synthetic Cinematic

Powerful epic cinematic electronic track with modern inspiring vibe and deep percussion. Perfect for: Space video Teasers Scientific presentation Sci-fi Short movie

Dark Electronic

Inspiring Beauty is a high-tech electronic track featuring futuristic synths, soft textures and trendy future garage beat. This track will approach for: vlogging, vlogs, workout, fitness videos, health and body, diet, cooking food, eating, makeup tutorial, beauty tutorial, lifestyle, unboxing, produ...

Last Day

A cinematic classical instrumental song with violin, strings, piano and some amazing percussion. Great for ads, promos, travel, business and more!


Perfect for: commercials, trailers, beautiful and emotional videos, historical films, teasers, intro, games, presentations, titles, titres, time-lapse and landscapes

Long Way

Dramatic emotional orchestra track. Perfect for: cinematic background, nature videos, fantasy, inspirational projects, presentations and intros…


Beautiful Piano track, building with guitar melodies and drums to an emotional climax.

Melancholic Lo-Fi

Lo-fi hip-hop background track featuring ruined and tape smeared pianos riffs, vinyl crackles, chilled drums and chopped vocal samples. The mood is minimalist, melancholic and relaxed, faithful to the lo-fi aesthetic.

Stay [PACK]

High energy Dream Pop track. Driving bass and punchy drums throughout. Epic saxophone solo towards the end of the track. Strong 80s keys throughout the song, with both acoustic and electric guitar supporting the Pop Vocals. With Tame Impala sounds and a Retro Vintage feel, the vocal track features a...

Wings Of Hope [PACK]

Wings Of Hope is hopeful and melancholic cinematic track with piano and strings. This sensitive and romantic music is ideal for drama related contents, documentaries, videos about love, nature / sea visuals, movies and different social media projects etc. Available in Full, Loop, Logo, 60 and 30 sec...


A slow-building mysterious, eerie instrumental that begins with a digeridoo drone, joined by slowly-building haunting strings that start with a melancholy meander and develop into a rhythmic building ostinato. The piece ends with slow, long unfurling harmonies on the violin.

Fragile Earth

Plaintive, emotional piano-based piece which is designed for visuals with references to climate change, natural disasters and ecological challenges. Very slow piano chords hint at a sense of desolation and foreboding. Backing textures hint at urgency and increasing danger. A rising string phrase tow...

Biome Theme pt.II

An Ambient Classical piece for Cello and Piano with memorable motifs and emotional themes. Ideal for TV dramas.


An Ambient Classical piece for Cello and Piano, with emotional and climatic qualities, and a nostalgic mood.


A building Ambient piece for Electric guitar with emotional themes that create an uplifting effect. Ideal for climatic scenes.


An anxious sounding three part piece for Cello, Piano and Drum Machine, ideal for tension scenes.

Last Hope (Epic Tragic Cinematic) [PACK]

Epic cinematic trailer audio track perfect to set a heroic mood in your project!This track featuring full symphonic orchestra, emotional piano, powerful brass and strings. Suitable for any projects, including trailer, action, adventure videos or movies, web, app, game, radio, TV and Youtube.


An atmospheric, repetitive and light piano piece with a simple melancholic theme.

Yann Keerim
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