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After the War (Melancholy Orchestral)

A track which conveys a feeling of great loss - the long walk home from battle after losing everything. Lonely & cold. Invokes feelings of loss or hopelessness, darkness and the struggle to get back to a normal life. Deep cello & trombone add to the sadness. Grief and grieving.

Deliverance (Melancholy Piano+ Strings)

A sad, melancholic track filled with loss and regret. Glimpses of hope shine through. A powerful mix of piano and violin paint a picture of someone looking back and remembering. Great for corporate, advertising, a movie theme or transition, TV, family, war film, love lost or a relationship ended.

Run with Despair

The music is driven by rhythmic strings phrase. it sounds very serious and sad, This should fit to sad,serious,sentimental scene of movie.

Diving Session Full Mix

An Ambient pice, perfect for filmes and background music for art projects.

Evening Light Full Mix

Emotional Guitar, soft and tender atmosphere. Ideal for films and video projects.

Feel So Alive Cut C

This is a beautiful piano and strings Evolving pice. perfect for Cinematic projects in uplifting scence and background music in Corporate video campaigns.

Long Dark Night Full Mix

This is a moving soft guitar and pads melody. Suitable for films and commercials.

Moon Travel Full Mix

This is a classic Amibient pice. ideal for movies scores. Perfect as background music for corporate videos

Mountaintop Underscore

Pure guitar ideal for cinematic video. Emotional and relaxed piece.

Pull Me Up FullMix

a warm smooth, hapy and soft acustic guitars. perfect for corporate presentations and commercials

Spring Is Here Cut C

This is a beautiful piano and strings Evolving pice. perfect for Cinematic projects in emotioanl scence and background music in raising awareness campaigns.

Spring Sadness Cut C

This is a moving and gentel piano and strings piece. It is highly emotional but not dim. It is Ideal for cinematic video projects.

Take Me Back Cut D

This pice Perfect for background, scoring, epic, powerful and emotional videos, ideal for emotional ending, for film, trailers, and personal cinematic projects.

Years Before-Full Version

This is Cinematic Piano in it's best.Perfect for trailers, teasers and films. This Cinematic Piano is a heartwarming, beautiful and emotional Pice.

La valse de la Solitude

An evocative waltz track in French style starts with a small orchestra and a melancholy musette. After the natural develop of the melody, a big orchestra comes to show the power of the main melody. Perfect Mediterranean folk style mixed with a cinematic mood.

Electro Ambient Melodic Mystery

Peculiar mix of ambience, classical and electronics. Emotional soprano voice melody and orchestration/accompaniment that grows to a climax ending. Tense but dreamy. Fantasy, Fairies, seeking the unknown, rising. Journey in a dark forest. Available in main version / instrumental. Noir Trailer Ps...

My Angel

A romantic and emotional piano plays a hypnotic line that brings you in an ecstatic mood.

The Gift

An ethereal piano plays alone on a bed of organic soundscape. The main melody develops with involving strings.

Distant Memories

Abstract and creepy track with some orchestral, synhts and piano elements.

Yann Keerim
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