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Crying Myself To Sleep

Emotional piano piece with subtle strings. Reflective, melancholic feel.

Tranquility Of Life

Beautiful, delicate piano piece with piano and light strings. Emotional and thoughtful atmosphere...

Peace And Harmony

Spacious, emotional piece with haunting vocal performance and delicately arranged strings.

Journey Through Time

Lush, flowing orchestral piece with classy string arrangements. Thoughtful, dramatic atmosphere with a feeling of hope.

Days Of Remembrance

Reflective, delicate classical piece with orchestra and choir.

Calming Moment

Peaceful, delicate orchestral piece with reflective, melancholic atmosphere.

Beautiful Silence

Romantic, sentimental piece performed beautifully on grand piano.

So Delicate And Touching

Emotional, sweet piece with delicate piano and orchestral arrangements. Great for romantic, sentimental background music!


A spacious guitar based track with a feeling of melancholy. The music picks up a gear halfway through before reaching a more positive ending.


A soft and peaceful piano track with a sense of timelessness, great for anything romantic or slightly melancholic.

The Only Love

This is cinematic, emotional and romantic track with sentimental and lovely mood. Warm sound of elegant piano with symphonic orchestra create very sensitive and intimate atmosphere. Perfect background audio for any proper events such as Wedding Videos, Love Stories, Sweet and Gentle moments of life.

With Each New Day

Delicate, peaceful track with subtle piano and lush, dreamy strings. Great for sentimental, melancholic background music!

The Lonely Cello

Dreamy, emotional piece performed on cello. Gentle and lonely, in a heartfelt classical-style.

The Delicate Heart

Beautiful, delicate piece with piano and strings. Melancholic but with a strong feeling of hope and optimism. Great for scene requiring sentimental, emotional, heartfelt music!

Sad Moments

Delicate, sentimental piece with piano and strings. Simple, lonely and melancholic fee. Great for peaceful, light background music!

Yann Keerim
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