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Gear Up

A modern instrumental cue with a tight clean rhythmic pulse, interesting changes and dynamics. Great to sync with scenes of people gearing up, or getting packed, organized, or a montage of getting ready.

Evening Chill Lo-Fi

This is a chilled and rainy lo-fi Hip Hop track perfect to set a calm mood in your project! Featuring lo-fi piano, guitar, bass and hip-hop beat. Suitable for any projects, including corporate presentations, urban, street, graffiti, vlog, youtube videos, lifestyle and travel, tutorials, business vi...

Space (lofi uplifting guitar)

Electric guitar bright lofi uplifting track with a catchy guitar lick. Perfect for vlogs, coffee shops, youtube videos, nature, fashion, tv and adverts.


Perfect for fashion, lifestyle, tutorials, time lapses, vlogs, marketing videos and podcasts


This is hip hop track, modern, very stylish and full of hip-hop flavour, this track brings forward that genuine hip-hop sound, with emotion and inspiration. Perfect for sports music video, commercial, vlog and blog video on YouTube

The Heist

This one is a nice, groovy funk track. It features an Upright bass, some horns and tons of percussion! Perfect for commercial, advertisements, heist movies or trailers and other video content. Enjoy!

Chill Out (Relaxed Pop, Beautiful Guitar, Romantic Music)

An emotional chill track has magic atmosphere. It has great romantic sounds, nice pads, guitar and keys. Perfect for landscapes, love story, emotional and romantic projects, websites, youtube videos, tutorials, slideshows, relaxing, nature, and other. Also, this item has a loop, short and edit versi...

Turn Off The Light

Upbeat, positive track for your projects. Perfect for videos, commercials, advertising, presentations, slideshow, corporate, movies, films, trailers, teasers, travel videos, adventures, family videos.

Big City Lights

Soulful lounge track with electric piano, trumpet, groovy melodic bass, and vintage Hammond. Perfect for the fashion show, a show of stylish luxury living, innovative videos, vlog, luxury living, fashion reviews, summer entertaining videos, bar and chill zones, party or luxury brand presentation.


Chill-out electronic hip-hop music will be ideal for your advertising, restaurant video, presentation, promo, summer project and many more


Atmospheric, minimal background tune with pleasant, chill-out, inspirational, flow and peaceful mood

Martini With Dean (60s lounge jazz)

Time for a Dry Manhattan with Dean Martin in your bachelor pad. Swinging 60's tune: a little bit Henry Mancini, a little bit Esquivel. Counterpoint melody and groovy flute and mellow vibes at the beginning and a Jazz guitar solo in the middle. Fun for clubs, lounges, and upscale restaurants.

Step In To It (Pop)

A modern electro pop track with pulsing rhythmic synths, deep bass lines, ambient hand claps, finger snaps and electronic beats. Great for fashion and trendy media. In the style of Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Ellie Goulding and Sia. Instrumental, Electronic, Electropop

Yann Keerim
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