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An instrumental Funk style track with a retro lounge sound.

Jam With Your Soul

A mid-slow tempo Funky style track with a catchy electric guitar riff and an elegant vibe.

Feeling it Deep

An instrumental Soul style track with a romantic vibe.


Laid Back Dreamy Mellow Jazz Instrumental with Smokey Breathy Saxophone.

Tropical Pop

A stylish dynamic atmospheric energy positive track with elements of tropical house, vocal samples, chill-out and fashion lounge music. This track is created for summer entertainment videos, fashion shows, lifts and markets, party and afterparty reviews and interviews.

Timelapse Technology Background

It is a melodic electronic track using pianos, reverse glitch sounds and a deep rhythm section for background music, inspiration, summer, technology and many other projects.

Timelapse Lounge

Experimental track with the use of voice samples, pianos, strings and slow rhythm section for timelapse video, lounge, travel, relaxation, youtube and many other your projects.

The Future

This atmospheric, tranquil ambient track using electric pianos, bright electronic sounds, synthesized arpeggios and deep rhythm section is an excellent choice for chill, future, video about technology, innovations, slideshows, advertising, presentations and many other your projects.

Technology Background Ambient

A soothing track using electronic sounds and a hip-hop rhythm for backgrounds, timelaps, presentations, fashion, technology and many other projects.

Stylish Fashion

A warm house-style track for fashion shows, slides, videos for beauty, relaxation, travel, YouTube and for many of your other projects.

Fashion Tech Lounge - Loop Version

Background tech lounge music. Great for fashion shows, fashion reviews, beauty blog, hightech visuals, newest technologies, innovations, promotion, commercial, advertising video, street lifestyle video, photo collage and photo slideshow. Also good for cafes, restaurants, hotels, clubs, radio statio...

Inspiring Lounge

A relaxing, positive, inspiring track with a drum loop and electronic sounds. This is an excellent choice for footage, slideshows, videos on youtube and other.

Tropical Fashion Beat

Fashionable dance music. Tropical motifs and voice samples. I feel like dancing. Good for advertising. Youth parties, recreation, parties.

Palm Trees

Light tropical lounge. The smell of the sea. Hot sand. Sultry sun. The rhythms and chords of this track convey the mood of relaxation and ralax. Listen and enjoy.

Light Breeze

Pleasant relaxation composition with a tropical bit. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a tropical continent. Light breeze, the sound of waves, warm sand. Tasty cocktail in the hands. Nirvana and pleasure. The sun and love. The archive contains the full version and the short one, as well as the v...

Yann Keerim
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