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Ave Coo is an Australian audio group that specializes in royalty free library music for video games.

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Sacred Valley

Powerful yet poignant. Sacred Valley is a premium video game music loop with an ancient, thoughtful quality. It's ambient acoustic sound brings forth a sense of longing and passion designed to immerse your audience. Perfect for fantasy and adventure games. This pack includes 4 versions - the main t...


A powerful and hard hitting blues track feature massive stomps, claps and a sick bass riff. Perfect for getting the crowd going, victory on landing a massive deal or even sports events! This is the power of blues rock! This pack includes 5 adrenaline pumping variations: full track, loop, 30s, 15s a...

Stadium Lights

Do you need a killer commercial? Perhaps you want your next project to embrace action and power? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you're in luck! Big drums, stomps and claps is exactly what it sounds like - huge, bold and proud. Make your next statement; embrace the percussive actio...

New Idea

Calming, inspiring and all-around awesome. If you're looking for something to lift the spirits of your viewers while giving them the best audio experience possible, you've come to the right place! This track is easy to listen to with it's beautiful piano feature, subtle string harmonies and groovy b...

Quiet Days

Sometimes you just have to take life slowly, right? This track is the pure embodiment of that concept. It's calm, quiet and lush - perfect for a soothing, quiet day. Give your next project that calm and contemplative feeling it needs with this lush, ambient track. This pack includes 6 versions for ...

Life at Home

These are indeed lonely times, but you don't need to keep your head down. "Life at Home" is calm, melancholy yet inspiring. It's bittersweet and beautiful, and relays the opportunities that life at home may just have in store for you. This pack includes 6 versions including: full track, loop, short...


This track fuses the power of a raw, ethnic war drum ensemble with the dehumanising sci-fi elements of glitchy synths. It's the perfect track for cinematic projects, movie or video game trailers, intros and openers. Includes 5 variations - full track, loop, 30s, 15s and 6s.

Hark The Herald Angels Sing - Acoustic Christmas Classics

Jamming out a Christmas carol classic on a whole bunch of acoustic instruments in front of the warm fireplace. It's super homely and warm, just like Christmas is supposed to be. This track features an acoustic guitar, piano, harp, glockenspiel, chimes, hand drums and, most importantly of all, a beau...
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