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My Happy Ukulele loop

Happy Ukulele is a upbeat, fun and exiting tune filled with energy, joy and happiness. It features ukulele, hand clap and energetic drums creating a carefree , positive and jolly atmosphere. Great for optimistic joyful scenes with family and children playing or motivational and inspiring commercial ...

Easy Living Loop

Easy Living is a soft, warm and mellow instrumental with a positive and heartwarming mood. It features gentle acoustic guitars and piano. The vibe is subtle and quiet making it great for tender and beautiful scenes in TV drama or documentary and also as inspiring background music for promotional use...

Good Times loop

Good times is a warm, uplifting and positive acoustic pop groove feauturing feel good acoustic guitar, piano and drums. The bright and carefree atmosphere makes it great for beautiful and light situations and scenes of joy and optimism. Feel the sun in this earthy happy indie background music. Te...

Sci-fi Atmospheric

Sci-Fi and cosmic atmospheric background electronic music. Perfect for any scientific, tech, games, documentaries, time, space projects and videos! Can be looped.

Flying Colors

A piano melody loop starts on the high registers like flying colors, and after a while, a violin plays a very high note. Finally, the entire orchestra completes the sound picture filling all the low and middle registers. Perfect for love, drama, memories scenes, and adverts

Skiing in the sky - Loop

This is a Loop track. Have you ever imagined to ski through the clouds? Listen to this track and close your eyes, the experience begin!

Dream in the Jungle

Energetic track with running drums and African mixed electronic percussion loops and sampling vocals. A mixture of ethnic mood and contemporary electronic sounds. Perfect for locations scenes of action in the jungle.


That's a lounge track with arpeggiators, synth sounds, drums loop and some instruments from India. A mix of relaxing sounds with a scent of Indian culture. Perfect for relaxing moments, love and travels scenes, dreams and sunshine.

The sleeping doll

An ethereal piano with some electronic sounds and some loops. You can use this track for romantic and dreams scenes. You can also listen to it just to relax and to think about a walking on the beach.

Funny Game Loop 3

Funny playful joyful background music track. Perfect looped. Good choice for funny game or catchy video.

Funny Game Loop 2

Funny playful joyful background music track. Good choice for funny game or catchy video.

Celebrate Marching

Festive march for the parade or celebration scenes. Ideal for cartoon, parades, military events, kids projects, comedy, history channel, celebrations and festivities. Loopable

Thriller Chasing

Dramatic loop performed by orchestral strings and percussion.

Playful Background

Dancing music, performed by symphony orchestra, suitable for games. Loopable.

Funny Game Loop

Funny playful joyful background music track. Perfect looped. Good choiсe for funny game or catchy video.

Playful and Fresh

A very playful, positive and energetic electro track video-games, comedies, and any audiovisual product related to youth and kids

808 Groove

Short 808 machine punchy drum loop. Ideal for hihop

Binaural beat LOOP

Short drum and binaural bass loop. Ideal for layering on top. Clients ask me to add some extra production on this kind of loops. Like, adding keys, making it longer, etc.

Yann Keerim
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