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Infinity Trailer

An inspiring cinematic track, starting with a mysterious vibe made of ethereal orchestral and modern electro sounds. It gradually reaches the climax with rhythmic strings ostinatos, synth choir vocals and minimal electronic percussions. Perfect for sci-fi, fantasy, space movies and for inspiring cor...


Ambient track is inspiring to look into tomorrow. soft drum section, pleasant piano sounds. Ideal for atmospheric pictures.


This is a track with an ambient character and depth.Vocal hooks, orchestral violins, brass and percussion combined with synthesis immerse you in a world of heat and silence. The track is ideal for a nature documentary or a travel TV channel.

Orbitals (Space Electronic Journey)

Futuristic rhythms, wide space and the beauty of infinity. Pure synth track, suitable for quiet, futuristic scenes

Unearthly infinity

A light ambient background with an unearthly atmosphere and a calm mood. In combination with peaceful, calm, documentary, relaxing videos, commercial projects, etc.

Calm Space Ambient

Atmospheric relaxing music for space video, meditation, relaxation, sleeping, stress relief, dreaming, video about nature, massage, spa, healing therapy, and for complete peace of mind.

Into Infinity

Modern and big epic track perfectly suitable for trailer or show opener. Big, impactful and engaging through hybrid orchestra elements and synth instruments. Very tensed and powerful through accentuated percussion and impactful through big trailer hits.

Black hole (with solo piano)

Piano and beds through space and time. A powerful sci-fi track. Great for trailers, videos, presentations and documentaries.

Ambient calmness (Gentle documentary background)

Peaceful ambient composition, creating an atmosphere of infinity and a mood of calm. Combined with documentaries, slideshows, social and other projects.

Infinity Of Space

Spacious atmospheric piece with soft hypnotic synth pads, acoustic guitar and piano. Perfect for a variety of uses including: new age, meditation, science fiction, technology, mystery - or any project needing light, ambient, emotional music.

Sunrise Over Earth

Cinematic and dramatic orchestral track, that conveys a sense of awe and wonder.

Signs of Hope

Evolving arrangement of hopeful, soft and emotional electric guitar theme, piano and strings.

Space Exploration

Whether travelling through the planets of our solar system, watching space ships moving gracefully or even viewing earth from above, this graceful, beautiful orchestral track with rousing strings, horns and synthesizer moods can add an extra sense of magic and awe. Great for games, documentaries, sp...

For Ever

Piano and string arrangement ending in an emotional climax.


Piano and string arrangement with an epic ending in an emotional climax.

Imagine (no solo melodies)

Piano and string arrangement with an epic ending in an emotional climax.

Wide Open Spaces

Inspiring and hopeful track filled with wonder, grace and anticipation. With a strong feel of yearning and reaching accompanies a cumulative build that is satisfying without becoming overpowering. The perfect choice for motivational and inspirational projects, slideshows, travel, wedding and many mo...

Space Dock

A mysterious journey through space and time. A powerful, otherworldly orchestral track. Great for trailers, videos, presentations and documentaries.

Serena's Resonance [Melodic Piano Trance] (Royalty Free Music)

Serena's Resonance [Inspirational Piano Trance] (Royalty Free Music) Artist: Galaxima Album: Royalty Free Infinity (Track #2) Release date: January 2, 2019 Genre: Trance, piano pop, video game music Key: C Major Tempo: 142 BPM Alesso type beat Nicky Romero type beat Zedd type beat Music like Zedd...

The Creation

Epic and emotional crescendo with choir, strings, piano and synth elements.
Yann Keerim
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