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Hello, My name is Christoph Rauch. Born in Berlin and currently living in Almere, the Netherlands, I compose music for a variety of media. At the age of 7, I started with piano lessons and my interest in music was born. When I was around 15, I discovered the art of composing and I bought my first gear to record and to create my own tracks. At the moment I compose mostly orchestral and epic music. Inspired by Thomas Bergerson and Hans Zimmer, epic truly is my favorite genre in terms of emotions and expressions. I have done a lot in my music career and one of my drives is to continue learning more about composing, mixing/ mastering, and striving for great music production results.

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From Zero to Hero

Begin rather murky,- it quickly moves into a bright and engaging track, highlighting accomplishment and success. Second part accompanied by drums and a very bright, jolly and happy tune. Together with the glockenspiel and the military snares, this sets a great feeling of content and uplift. Ideal fo...

Intense Play

Suspensful, short yet engaging instrumental track. Almost anxiously floating in time, and more on the sad side, the character of the melody is accompanied by tremolo strings rising in volume - providing a bed for the sparse arrangement on top. Very suitable for transitions, suspensful cues or nervou...

Counting Down

Suspensful track, interestingly arranged and engagingly orchestrated. Nervous and edgy through the use of accentuated and decorative strings, ascending brass, and the use of a choir. Accompanied by the snare, a sense of ugency sets in. Ideal as transition, action and suspensful cues, as well as stre...

Selfmade Pralinees

Short yet magical track, with warm long strings, glockenspiel and jolly melody. Ideal as transition, underscore or show opener, romantic scenes or heart.

Night's Approaching

Very sweet and dreamy melody accompanied by the piano, tender harmony and soft accentuated orchestra. This track takes the idea of sleep, night and darkness but in a joyful and content way. Ideal for romantic spring evenings, or any other heartful moments.

Long Day Ahead

Very beautiful instrumental and warm track with a sense of adventure, magic and majestic arrangement. Very engaging, full of sweetness and tender heart. Ideal for romantic cues, jolly days, show opener, or theme.

Challenges Arising

Short but determined epic track with a nervous undertone and a dark feel, wide and urging yet conceiled. Ideal for transitions, action, tension and doubt.


Beautifully arranged suspensful track with anticipating wide orchestra, playful accentuated strings and percussion. Ideal as underscore, action or stressful cues with a sense of adventure.

Could it Fail

Short yet impactful transitional track, big, dressed by a rather heroic melody line in the choir and strings, accompanied by punctured and short woodwinds to provoke action and pressure. Ideal for stressful moments, nervous cues or tension.

Delicate Matters

Suspensful and progressing instrumental track that keeps the momentum going, developing a playful yet urgent melody line with short notes, percussion and nervous snares, dressed in a narrow arrangement with dark strings. Ideal for underscore, or transitional cues to emphasize action, tension and pro...

Butter Cake

Beautifully progressing instrumental track, positive and friendly. Beginning rather suspensful, yet quickly evolving into a very bright and melodiously track full of heart and tenderness. Ideal for show opener, theme music, underscore or bright uplifting cues with a touch of adventure.


Glorious, bright, sweet and festive instrumental track. Very positive and almost romantic. This track is supported by a beautiful string melody dressed with the full orchestra, accompanied by the timpani and percussion. Ideal as show openers, theme music, underscore or positive uplifting cues.

Ingredients Arriving

Very tender and sweet little light track full of heart, positivity and uplift. This orchestral track can perfectly set the romantic mood for show openers, underscore or theme.

Vegetarian Pastry

Very beautiful and heartwarming instrumental track, romantically arranged with the orchestra, dressed with strings, woodwinds and piano. This glamarous track can be ideal for the festive mood, opener, or any other positive light, uplifting or motivating cues.

Sweets and Candy

Very happy and joyful track full of beauty, melody and uplift. The track plays with a delightful theme and develops with the full orchestra. Best suited for joyful moments, happy themes or show openers and tv.

Mysteries by the River

Emotional and classical epic track, rather melancholic yet mysterious and adventurous. Mid part bigger and more epic, heroic and patriotic. Beautifully arranged with percussion, brass and choir. Very engaging and emotional through melodic strings. End part builds up in intensity and leaves the audie...

Trouble in Paradise

Very engaging and modern instrumental epic track. Progressing through accentuated strings, percussion and heroic touch through its melodic content in the brass and choir. This track is rather big and dramatic, ideal for the big picture, opening cues, trailer but also nature documentary. Perfect to e...

Something Peculiar

Very classical symphonic adventure track. Opens rather eery and mysterious but evolving with sparse orchestration and string arrangement into a full beautiful instrumental track. Mid part more playful, higher and brighter through interesting runs in the strings and woodwinds, accompanied by brass an...

Raindrops and Tears

Emotional and slow epic track, very melodic and beautifully enriched with big strings, male and female epic vocals, rather somber, reflective and nostalgic. Accentuated with percussion, this track is ideally suitable for evoking big emotions, can accompany cinematic trailer and long aerial shots as ...


Quirky and engaging epic track with accentuated strings and woodwinds, setting the mood for a bright and more suspenseful atmosphere. High bells, orchestra runs and percussion accompany the arrangement and create a rather playful and symphonic stage. Climax is realized by an emotional part with long...
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