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Hello, My name is Christoph Rauch. Born in Berlin and currently living in Almere, the Netherlands, I compose music for a variety of media. At the age of 7, I started with piano lessons and my interest in music was born. When I was around 15, I discovered the art of composing and I bought my first gear to record and to create my own tracks. At the moment I compose mostly orchestral and epic music. Inspired by Thomas Bergerson and Hans Zimmer, epic truly is my favorite genre in terms of emotions and expressions. I have done a lot in my music career and one of my drives is to continue learning more about composing, mixing/ mastering, and striving for great music production results.

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At Last

Big, warm and emotional epic track with a playful beginning, big orchestra, percussion and brass. Very heroic in the mid-part, accompanied by lush strings and big brass, whereas the closure moves towards a more pulsating, vibrant end. Beautiful dressed track with a rich orchestration, chord progress...


Modern yet emotionally driven epic track, perfect for underscore and texture. Beautifully dressed with lush and long strings, accompanied by a humming female vocal, wide emotional melody with big orchestra, brass and percussion. Rather slow, intensifying and building up in the arrangement to give yo...

The Summit

Emotionally driven epic track with a beautiful female epic vocal line and glamorous arrangement, rather melancholic yet energetic. Through accentuated strings and percussion, this track intensifies in the final part. Here, big trailer hits are joined together with an emotional outbreak by the vocals...


Epic and tensed emotional track. While being more dark and somber, it is later accompanied by a higher solo violin and a melodic harmony. The track sounds modern because of its hybrid orchestra elements, big trailer hits and driving percussive patterns. Very dynamic and instrumental dressed in big o...

A Little More Time

Symphonic and emotionally driven adventurous epic track. Very engaging and beautifully dressed with subtle percussion patterns, emotive violins, and accentuated strings. Passionate character intensifies and compellingly evolves as the track goes, picks up momentum and ends rather vibrant in the solo...

The Message

Engaging adventurous epic track, rather vibrant with trailer effects and energetic drums. Interestingly arranged to maximize impact, mid-part introduces long string chords and a rather beautiful melody. This modern hybrid, dense and heroic track is the best suitable for big cinematic moments, traile...

Dust and Light

Very glorious, moving, slow and passionate emotional epic track, perfectly dressed with a big wide orchestra and low choir. Rather epic with a touch of humble and sweetness, warmth and impact. Suitable for big cinematic cues as well as opener and emotional context.

Survival Theme

Emotional yet patriotic and heroic instrumental track, very trailer-like, hybrid and engaging through wide orchestration and choir, modern accentuated strings and big, wide trailer hits as well as energetic percussion ensemble with taikos and toms. Very engaging and progressing, the heroic feel and ...

Night Watcher

Very emotional and reflective epic track, big and humble in character. Accompanied by the piano and dressed with beautiful long and nostalgic strings, this track is ideal for cinematic momentum, documentary or wide epic cues.

Rise Again

Very heartfelt and melodic emotional epic track. Beautifully accompanied and supported by the bright grand piano, this track evolves into a wide symphonic orchestra piece full of emotions and adventure. Its somber beginning caries the track through lots of nostalgia, rather romantic and reflective, ...

Nobody is left Behind

Very engaging trailer track, very epic with big orchestra and impactful hits and percussion. Mid-part introduces a beautiful heroic melody line with lush strings, choir and deep brass. Ideal for big cinema, trailer-like cues or action chase.


Big dark trailer track accompanied by trailer hits, chaotic fast percussion and accentuated strings. Rather dark vibe, yet vibrant and pushing forward, mid-part bigger and wider,- accompanied by choir and low brass. Very hybrid and modern, production villain-like track, perfect for a darker vibe, lu...


Modern hybrid and orchestral track. Rather slow, however engaging enough through trailer-like elements and powerful chord progressions with interesting hits and an patriotic epic tune. Ending in tension and bigger orchestration, moving from synthesizing sounds to a bigger than life orchestra accompa...

Calling Out

Big emotional epic track, very engaging and heartfelt. Beautifully dressed with the piano and orchestra, wide arranged and accompanied by trailer hits. It's emotional content pushes the track further and builds up into a big harmonic, sad, long and lush piece with lots of melancholy and sadness. Ide...

Call for Armor

Modern emotional epic track full of emotions and impact, progressing in the piano and orchestra. It quickly gains momentum because of its big, lush and wide string arrangement, accompanied by the choir. Very nostalgic and warm, humble and sad. Mid part dressed with modern hybrid drums, ending is rat...

From Zero to Hero

Begin rather murky,- it quickly moves into a bright and engaging track, highlighting accomplishment and success. Second part accompanied by drums and a very bright, jolly and happy tune. Together with the glockenspiel and the military snares, this sets a great feeling of content and uplift. Ideal fo...
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