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Absolute Apex

An epic cinematic music filled with gigantic orchestral brass, tense strings, dramatic choir, electronic elements and big drum ensemble.

Cyberpunk Future

A powerful and stomping Cyberpunk track with an 80s darkwave vibe and a combination of various electronic elements. Perfect for Cyberpunk videos, commercials, trailers, social media, titles, time-lapse and landscapes, action clips, games, films, both eighties and futuristic inspired media and more.

Ethereal Sci-Fi Intense Orchestral

Powerful cinematic music for action sci-fi scenes, trailers and video games. Track featuring orchestral percussion, energetic brass, synth, strings, horns, pulse pads. Great soundtrack for inspirational epic and dramatic movie scenes, advertising, slideshow, opener etc

Action Industrial Hybrid Trailer

Epic hybrid cyber industrial trailer will be a nice background for sport events, extreme sports, war games, aggressive advertising or any other project that requires a modern hybrid soundtrack in Hollywood blockbuster style.


A cinematic Drum and Bass track with deep sub bass and drops. This moody D’n’B track starts with a creepy violin section and deep Tuba bass line with orchestral percussion a gong then moves in to rolling Drum and Bass. Great for detective / spy and action adventure productions.

21st Century

Get ready to march in to battle with this Epic Cinematic Drum and Bass styled track. An incredibly powerful soundtrack starting of with a deep orchestral string bass, percussion hits and marching cello's. With futuristic Dubstep drops and sound effects building up with orchestral brass swells then d...

Doomsday - Dark Apocalyptic Horns Braaams Impacts Trailer Opener Intro

Epic movie trailer music with powerful drum hits, orchestral strings ensemble, guitar, hyped risers. It's relentless, empowering, dark, dramatic. Ideal for cinematic trailers, action teasers, video games, battle scenes, war films, gaming soundtrack.

Apocalyptic Warriors - Cinematic Exotic Action Drums Battle War

Cinematic trailer music with rhythmic epic action percussion drums, powerful hits, sudden impacts, hyped risers, fast tempo. Ideal as cinematic movie trailers, video game soundtrack, film score, teaser countdown, adrenaline movies, video backgrounds.

Dark Apocalyptic Trailer

Modern Dark Trailer music. Full of sound design effects. Creates an apocalyptic atmosphere full of darkness. Created for digital video productions. Works best with trailer movies.

House of Horror

A Post Apocalyptic, atmospheric, ominous and dark thriller track. Haunted voices and whispers accompanied with a creepy piano melody that sits upon synths, dubstep drums, heavy bass, drones and dark pads. Appropriate for horror, thriller and dark adventure video games/videos. Also, suitable for Hal...

Heavy Duty

Intense track with kind of factory and working noise. Distorted guitars for a rough edge and powerful sound.

Scifi Apocalyptic Trailer

Instrumental music made for synthesizers and orchestra. The style is very near to soundtrack and cinematic music. This music is at first leaded by some synthesized patterns from futuristic and strange sounds. The music grows later and gains energy with the incorporation of distorted electric guitars...

Dark Epic Ambient

Instrumental music made for piano, synthesizers and orchestra. The style is a mix between soundtrack and dark ambient music. The composition starts with the piano playing the main notes with some synthesizer rhythms. Later gains energy with the incorporation of the rest of voices and orchestra. The ...

Ultimate Invasion

This is dark, intense and powerful epic cinematic trailer music with huge tension and action movie atmosphere. This strong and dramatic royalty free track can perfectly fit for epic film trailer, cinematic battle, action and adventure scenes, game trailer, dramatic and futuristic videos.
Yann Keerim
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