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The One To Come

An emotional and positive, ambient, cinematic track with atmospheric pads, inspirational strings and soft piano.


A dark and eerie cinematic track with strange vocals, atmospheric pads and emotional strings. Great for documentaries, videos games and more.

Technology Documentary

This documentary technology electronic ambient background music track. Great sound is drums, warm bass, tech and glitch percussion, guitar, airy piano and atmospheric synths. It’ll perfectly for hi-tech and science videos, nature and travel projects, space documentaries movie, time lapse videos an...

Baleful Ethnic Background Drone

A sad palette consisting of real recorded violins and cello's paint an ominous and tragic atmosphere. Small ethnic sounding motifs and carefully placed deep percussive hits contribute to the suspenseful and dramatic setting. Will work really well as background music in films, documentaries, games ...

Suspenseful Research Background

A tense melancholic background track consisting of different real played pianos, ticking and other suspenseful sounds. Perfect to use in the background of your documentary, corporate video, film or any other production seeking a supportive tense and mellow tone. The theme carries a touch of sadn...

Herx (Reprise)

Wistful, intimate and mournful piano and string arrangement. Perfect for projects needing high quality, exciting music such as film, trailers, gaming, TV, advertising, sports and Youtube videos. 156bpm

Forever Alone Sad Background

Sad melancholic background track consisting of piano, strings and cinematic sounds. The repeating theme slowly develops as the piece moves forward to a conclusion. The tempo, instrumentation and production of the track allow other elements to come in such as narration. Therefore the track is perfect...

Painful Sad Background

Truly sad emotional track consisting of piano, cello and violins painting a desperate cinematic background. Perfect to use in your film, documentary or other production seeking a profound sorrowful tone.

Long Rising Horror Ambient

Growing from the silence to a very loud, chaotic with the atmosphere of horror noisy sound with the use of a cinematic string section with a reverse. This is good for creating fear, horror movies, anxiety and other terrible projects.

Dark Soundscape

Deep, gloomy sound background for fear, horror, investigation, space, scientific documentary, TV, thriller, meditation and other atmospheric projects.

Northern Road

Dark and instrumental yet emotional track. Very melodic and somber, accompanied by piano, chamber strings and percussion. While being classical in its core nature, the orchestration also uses subtle synths and modern sound elements.

Melancholic Piano

A melancholic and emotional track featuring sad and calm piano and strings. Good for cinematic movie scenes, trailers, vlogs and other videos that need sentimental and calm background music.

Cinematic tragedy

Dramatic cinematic electronica music with sad emotional feel for pensive video, drama film, somber documentary, and commercial business use.

Vexatious thoughts (Sad social piano)

Acoustic gentle piano composition that creates an atmosphere of loneliness and a sad mood. Combined with sad, tragic, romantic, dramatic, social and commercial projects, animation, infographics, YouTube content, etc.

Bursts of emotion (Dramatic hopeful music)

Emotional cinematic orchestral music with dramatic atmosphere and hopeful mood. Combined with nostalgic, dramatic, sad, social videos, animations, slideshows, YouTube content, etc.

Rock Cinematic Cue

Full of suspence dramatic cinematic rock music cue. Perfect for horror or drama cinema, historic or politic documentary. TV shows, ecological and social problems, and any project where you need gloomy, despairing and lifeless feel, paranormal activity and UFO related content.
Yann Keerim
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