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Lost In Despair

loopable Dark mysterious solo piano track with cinematic tension vibe. Great for sad, mysterious content

Sinister Newborn

Horror cue filled with evil and ominous atmosphere. Industrial bangs and an eerie music box melody hinting evil lullabye. great for suspense and horror genres

Sinister Departure

a hauntingly tense piano piece that transitions from dark and ominous to light and positive resolution. Suitable for dramatic content, crime and investigation, and horror, suspense TV/ Film underscore

Sinister Children

dark and ominous track with children choir, ambient and textural sounds, percussion, pulses, morphing brasses, and droning plucks. Evil, scary, and chilling. Great for horror and halloween content, mystery suspense tv film programming, and dark themes

Scene City

Dark macabre hiphop track with boys choir, dark piano, & acoustic guitar...Ominous Depressing Vibe good for horror, mystery, and thriller content. Also good for ads and commercials

One Way Out

Dreamy mellow & gloomy trap beat with background vocals, synth stabs, and wobble guitars...serene, dramatic vibe. Great for urban programming, dramatic tv/film content, and vlogs

Charon's Vision

A horror inspired track, references the ferryman Charon who transports dead souls across the River Styx. The mood is dark and spooky with warped soprano vocals echoing in the background.

Ghost Dance

The ghost dance in the haunted house that scares children for halloween.

To The Haunted House

Let's head to the haunted house for halloween. Scary music with sounds of thunder, footsteps, screams, monsters and evil laughter.

Incredibly Scary: Losing Touch with Reality

Incredibly Scary: Losing Touch with Reality features horror-inspired sound effects alongside a tension-filled synth background. This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, film projects, radio bits, commercials, tutorials, introductions, explainer videos, advertisements...


Dark brooding horror soundscape featuring piercing strings and an ominous piano motif.

Wild West

This is a filthy, muddy, rough, fuzzy and slow rock track. This dirty track features an acoustic section of acoustic guitar for a strong southern country taste but also has heavy distorted fuzz guitars, distorted deep bass, and punchy heavy drums full of energy and sludge.

Creeping Slowly

An ominous suspenseful background track consisting of a haunting piano melody, drenched in analog synth sounds and other tense elements.
Yann Keerim
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