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Modern hybrid and orchestral track. Rather slow, however engaging enough through trailer-like elements and powerful chord progressions with interesting hits and an patriotic epic tune. Ending in tension and bigger orchestration, moving from synthesizing sounds to a bigger than life orchestra accompa...

Debris Falling

Modern and dark driven epic track accompanied by modern trailer effects and aggressive percussion. Together with the low brass, accentuated strings and distant choir, this track provokes the senses in a very straightforward and compact, tensed way, aggressively engages you and let's out all it's dar...

Victory Ahead

Modern and dark driven epic track with accentuated strings and aggressive percussion, hybrid synth elements and melodic arrangement. Rather dark and pumped in the drums. Together with the trailer effects, this track is driving and engaging. Ideal for victorious cues, combat or opener as in trailer a...

The Journey

Epic, modern and hybrid orchestra trailer track. Very driving and impactful through sharp hits, percussion and trailer sound design, riser, pulses and edging arrangement. Ideal for impact, cinematic action cues or attention grabbing.

The Approach

Epic, modern and hybrid dark track. Beginning suspenseful, mid part with big trailer hits and percussion, synth leads and disturbing character. Almost sci-fi, this track builds up momentum in the second part and introduces pulsating underscore, a nervous and tensed atmosphere, dense and dark. Intere...

One Day

Modern hybrid and impactful dark epic track. Drama and tension is introduced in the low brass, accentuated percussion and trailer hits are joining as well as short strings. Quickly, the track rises in tension and fullness by introducing a heroic yet dark melody line with choir, brass and strings. T...

Lost In Time

Very modern and trailer-like track driven by sound effects, big trailer hits, hybrid synthesizer elements and a ticking of a clock. Tension and pulsating dark inferno leads to the big finales and climax realized with big brass, braams and wide arrangement. Ideal for trailer, industrial cues, sci-fi ...

Into Infinity

Modern and big epic track perfectly suitable for trailer or show opener. Big, impactful and engaging through hybrid orchestra elements and synth instruments. Very tensed and powerful through accentuated percussion and impactful through big trailer hits.


Modern hybrid trailer track accompanied by gritty lead guitars, big epic choir and trailer hits. Aggressively pushing and pulsating, this track introduces anarchy in the percussion and feels pumped through the dark electric guitar, wide orchestra and accentuated strings. Very cinematic and trailer-l...

Far Away

Beautiful dressed hybrid orchestra track with accentuated percussion and impactful sounddesign such as risers and trailer hits. Grand dark and a badass mix accompanied by underlying braams and vibrant string arrangements makes this the perfect theme song for villains and action cues.
Yann Keerim
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