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Anxiety (Cinematic Drama Strings Tremolo)

Cinematic Orchestral Strings, Tremolo, Drama Background, Mystery, Dark, Scary, TV Show

Virtual Anxiety (30 sec version)

Dark midtempo trailer, great for intros, trailer videos, video game, or some darker footage.

Virtual Anxiety (full version)

Dark midtempo trailer, great for intros, trailer videos, video game, or some darker footage.


Cinematic track with tension builder and release at the end.

cyborg fugitive 6 anxiety

A fast-paced electro-techno Science Fiction underscore that is ideal for reflecting acyborg futuristic atmosphere. Pulsating analogue bass synth, morphing pads, ambient electronica withBlade Runner undertones and many dramatic twist and turns.

Battle Of Technologies

A dark, powerful royalty free cinematic piece with a lot of hybrid synths, risers, ticking fx and epic hits, best for trailers, intros or games.

Countdown Epic Trailer

Countdown Epic Trailer Music – it’s action epic soundtrack with hybrid effects, countdown clock and huge drums and bass. Action and blockbuster atmosphere made this stock sound amazing and beautiful. Modern Hollywood effect and huge braaaams, trailer hits and dubstep beat with hybrid energetic a...

Countdown Teaser Intro

Countdown Teaser Intro – it’s hybrid cinematic countdown music for fast and intence projects. Will be good for: Hybrid trailers, cinematic teasers, opener and tv spot. Intence mood with countdown clock’s made some nervious atmospere. Hybrid massive kick and intence drums make your will project...

PHANTOM (Soundscape Synth Tension)

Atmospheric synths with droning mood. Tensive expectation while exploring an unknown dangerous underworld.


Cinematic, dramatic and climactic hybrid orchestral cue. With pulsating beats, synths and percussion. A sense of tension slowly builds to a huge crescendo.

Scientific Inquiry

Tense and mysterious ambient music with gloomy tuned percussions, dark mellow piano, pad ambience and glitchy drums. Concerned, anxious mood, perfect background for suspense scenes, adventure, serious investigations, science documentaries and medical productions.

Bad News

Background ambient music with dark, concerned mood. Questioning mallets patter, gloomy synth pads, glitchy percussions. Perfect for journalistic inquiry, science documentary and medical reports.

Ceremony Opening Awards Fanfare Trailer

Cinematic Style Fanfare track can be perfect Movie opener for your project. It can feet any presentation or logo. Cool Awards opening music track for your project or live event. More Keywords: 9/11, Awards Ceremony, Epic Evolution, Gopro, Olympic Prize Solemn Winner, academy achievement, action, ac...

Spying Operation

Cinematic soundtrack perfect for action and thriller scenes. Suspense, tension mood. Rhythmic hihats and percussions patterns, low and grave piano notes, thrilling sound effects.
Yann Keerim
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