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Podcast Research Intro

Introduction theme consisting of marimba, piano, strings and other atmospheric elements.

Your Hilarious Ways

This is a happy and bubbly track that features an acoustic guitar, piano, celesta, human whistle and light brushed drums. Perfect for children’s films or theme shows, cartoons, light comedies, and more. Track total time is 1:00.

Dark Cinematic Suspense

A sombre, suspenseful hybrid underscore track, featuring lush strings, epic brass, gritty synths, edgy percussion and ambient piano. Creating a determined, but uneasy mood of tension. Perfect for any kind of foreboding apprehension, in ads, commercials, documentary, corporate media, youtube, instagr...

Preparing For Battle

A suspenseful, foreboding orchestral track, featuring heavy brass, huge percussion and lush strings. The first section creates ominous tension, in the second part the troops start marching. Perfect for epic cinematic scenes of confrontation. Sports, action, adventure, crime, history, promo, trailer,...

Shark Attack

A menacing, but light organic underscore track, featuring bassoon, flute, playful pizzicato strings, harp, vibraphone, banjo and percussion. Styled for threatening scenes with a wink in ads, commercials, promo, corporate media, youtube. Works best in a comedy or dramedy setting: Mean neighbours, nas...

Creepy Horror Tension

An unsettling, menacing hybrid horror underscore track, featuring eerie strings, heavy percussion and sound effects, gritty synths and scary pads. Creating an extremely threatening, dangerous mood. For ads, commercials, corporate media, documentary, feature film, movies, youtube, instagram. Monsters...

With A Smile

An inspiring, infectious track with a latin feel, featuring classical pizzicato and staccato strings, bright piano and bells, driving claps and percussion, cool double bass and drums. A sunny string motif leads to a playful timbales solo, building to a fuller final section. Many edit points. Perfect...

Emotional Piano and Cello

"Emotional Piano and Cello" is an uplifting happy, upbeat, funny, lovely and hopeful cinematic piano and cello music background track. It will work well along wedding videos, commercials, love and friendship related films, videos, trailers, tutorials, etc. It features an emotional piano, cello ...

First Day Of School

A warm, friendly acoustic background track, featuring mellow guitars, bells, glockenspiel. Styled for light organic underscore in ads, commercials, promo, youtube, instagram, slide show. Kids in school, learning, playing, concentration, children, family, growing, baby, teacher, homework.

Thrilling Crime Underscore

A threatening, uneasy hybrid tension track, featuring tense sounddesign, distorted electric guitar textures and nervous percussion. Styled for crime story underscore and detective film background or any kind of suspenseful scene. True crime, cold case, evidence, dark dealings, criminal mysteries, la...

Energetic and Upbeat Indie Pop

Energetic and Upbeat Indie Pop Indie Rock – Positive summer Indie pop-rock song with a whistle and vocal hook, will bring the life into your project! Perfect for any advertising, private videos, presentations, corporate events and more…

Nostalgic Classical Waltz

An elegant, festive orchestral waltz, featuring expressive strings, an old piano, playful orchestral percussion, snare drum, beautiful wind and brass. Constantly building and accelerating to a sweeping, epic finale. Perfect for promo, ads, commercials, youtube, corporate and media projects about cas...

Warm Acoustic Guitar Background

A beautiful organic acoustic guitar track, featuring delicate picking, soft tones and authentic fret noises. Styled for background and underscore in calm, contemplative, emotional or romantic scenes. Documentary, feature film, ad, commercial, corporate, youtube, wedding video. Cowboy, camp fire, pro...

On The Sunny Side

An inspiring, carefree track, featuring classical pizzicato and staccato strings, driving piano, lively claps and percussion, double bass, bells and drums. A catchy piano motif leads to a playful middle section, building to a fuller finale. Many edit points. Perfect for corporate and commercial use,...

Truly Inspirational

Inspiring uplifting cinematic track featuring piano, solo violins, strings and orchestral elements. The track slowly builds to a grand climax.

Dangerous Subtle Tension

A subliminal menacing tension track, featuring ticking percussion, dark synths, textures and sounddesign. Perfect underscore for any suspenseful scene, on the edge, hiding, danger, suspense background, fear of discovery, undercover, true crime, cold case, criminal mysteries, police research, conspir...

Positive Hopeful Underscore

A lively, modern organic underscore track, featuring bright piano, energetic strings, interesting acoustic textures and patterns, driving drums and light percussion. Creating an optimistic, determined mood. For stories of hope, persistent optimism, growing faith, increasing belief, human interest, f...

Neutral Bed

Friendly calm background track consisting of marimba, piano, celeste and rhythmic elements.

Positive Expectatiton Underscore

A subtle, modern organic underscore track, featuring intimate felt piano, soft strings, interesting textures and light percussion. Creating a hopeful and expectant mood. For stories of faint hope, persistent optimism, growing faith, increasing belief, human interest, emotional decision. Perfect back...
Yann Keerim
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