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Energetic and Upbeat Indie Pop

Energetic and Upbeat Indie Pop Indie Rock – Positive summer Indie pop-rock song with a whistle and vocal hook, will bring the life into your project! Perfect for any advertising, private videos, presentations, corporate events and more…

Truly Inspirational

Inspiring uplifting cinematic track featuring piano, solo violins, strings and orchestral elements. The track slowly builds to a grand climax.

Dangerous Subtle Tension

A subliminal menacing tension track, featuring ticking percussion, dark synths, textures and sounddesign. Perfect underscore for any suspenseful scene, on the edge, hiding, danger, suspense background, fear of discovery, undercover, true crime, cold case, criminal mysteries, police research, conspir...

Positive Hopeful Underscore

A lively, modern organic underscore track, featuring bright piano, energetic strings, interesting acoustic textures and patterns, driving drums and light percussion. Creating an optimistic, determined mood. For stories of hope, persistent optimism, growing faith, increasing belief, human interest, f...

Neutral Bed

Friendly calm background track consisting of marimba, piano, celeste and rhythmic elements.

Positive Expectatiton Underscore

A subtle, modern organic underscore track, featuring intimate felt piano, soft strings, interesting textures and light percussion. Creating a hopeful and expectant mood. For stories of faint hope, persistent optimism, growing faith, increasing belief, human interest, emotional decision. Perfect back...

Warm Ambient Background

A soft, positive organic underscore track, featuring mellow electric piano, atmospheric pads and textures, floating strings and smooth percussion. Perfect under dialog, interview, talking head. Styled for corporate media, report, informative commentary, factual documentary, human interest, emotional...

Story Of Success

An optimistic, motivational corporate track, featuring bright piano, modern string patterns, catchy organ, driving bass guitar and a slick drum beat. Starting with a simple piano motif, building to an inspiring, sweeping final section. Many edit points. For positive stories that inspire and motivate...

Building Confidence

An optimistic, confident track, featuring warm electric piano, bright strings, bouncy percussion and mildly distorted electric guitar. Starting with a catchy rhodes motif, multiple levels of build, held down by an infectious mid-tempo beat, leading to a fuller final section. For stories that inspire...

Passionate Background

Gentle background track surrounding a violin theme. Accompanied by marimba, piano and some percussive sounds this piece fits well in the background of an infomercial, commercial, documentary or any other media seeking a friendly musical companion.

Finding Things Out

Calm background track featuring calm sounds and melodies. Will work wel in documentaries, film or any other media.

Rock Advertise

Catchy rock tune in the style of "The Black Keys". This track will perfectly fit for YouTube videos, TV advertising, promotions, background music, photo slideshows, websites, commercials, advertising, radio, viral marketing, web advertisements, games, applications, popular commercials, visuals and m...

Lively Logo

Fresh sounding audiologo consisting of violin, celeste and atmospheric sounds.

Urban Chilling Out

Friendly and pleasant jazz music with hip hop grooves, composed for trumpet, saxophone, electric piano, piano drums and featured with solo improvisations and vocal samples, ideal background for advertising, promos and commercials. Also, great for films and TV series in chill and urban situations.

A Dog's Christmas

Warm funny orchestral Christmas holiday track featuring Dogs "Botón" & "Frodo" barking and howling along.

A Peaceful Holiday

Gentle and peaceful warm Christmas holiday track featuring orchestral elements. The piece has a welcoming trill in the beginning as well as a friendly calm ending.

After Clubbing

instrumental friendly and pleasant jazz music with hip hop grooves, composed for trumpet, saxophone, electric piano, piano drums, ideal background for advertising, promos and commercials.

Happiness Logo

Happy uplifting audio ident consisting of whistling, marimba, ukulele and more.

Nice Day Logo

Friendly audiologo featuring marimba, piano and bells. Perfect to use as an intro, jingle or theme in your commercial, game, app or other production.
Yann Keerim
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