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The North Peak

An inspiring, motivational epic music with modern beat, cold piano, cinematic strings and brass, pads, synths, transition effects and elements of dubstep in final part, ideal for movie trailers, teasers, inspiring videos, sport and motivational content, panoramic videos and presentations.

Powerful Rock Trailer

Action powerful sports rock featuring massive electric guitar riffs and stomps. Perfect for trailers, games, radio and tv projects or adverts

Vocal Stomp Big Beat Commercial

An edgy modern big beat track, featuring powerful stomping drums, edgy synth bass and stylish staccato vocals. Perfect for tv commercials, viral marketing, web advertisements, trailer, games, sport, youtube videos, corporate use, radio jingles, vlog.

A Bold Step

A minimal ambient royalty free background with guitars, plucks, piano and clean electronic sound perfect for technology projects, digital media, corporate or advertising.

Building Success

An easy listening ambient background with soft plucks, muted guitars, piano and vocal ads great for minimalistic projects, digital visuals, startup media or advertising!

Energetic Rock

Powerful and energetic rock music track with catchy and aggressive electric guitar riffs and addictive drums. This music was composed special for action and sport related videos: trailer, advertising, highlights video, commercial, video games, advertising and much more. Other edits of this song are ...

Fast Drive

This is powerful and uplifting cinematic drums and percussion track. Perfect for quick video, aggressive advertisement , trailer, slideshow, sports video, workout video, achievements , football, basketball, action videos, active life video, blog, vlog, traveling video etc.

Ambient Piano Documentary

Peaceful and modern ambient piano-driven track, featuring soft piano, elegant and sweeping strings, and harp. Perfect background for documentaries, films, projects, television, and any project needing a gentle background. 3 versions included: - Ambient Piano Documentary: 1:40 - Ambient Piano Docum...

Brave Heart

An inspiring, powerful cinematic orchestra theme with lots of energy and drive. Powerful cinematic brass and strings, epic drums, grand piano and some effects makes your projects unique and expensive! Best choice for cinema, movie, trailers, teasers, intros, advertising and presentations. Sounds lik...

Death of Hero

A dark, rising dramatic cinematic track with dark cinematic strings, epic brass and drums, synths, textures and fx, this exciting and resolute music with awesome quality and drive is ideal for cinema trailers, teasers, sport and inspiring videos, film score, motivational content.


Nu metal vibe track with bass and rhythmic heavy guitars. This track suitable for extreme sports, music for gym, cars racing music, etc. Perfect for youtube and other social media vlogs, movies and games.

Thrash Metal

Powerful Aggressive Metal. Perfect for advertisement and TV commercial, media project and podcast, YouTube, games, sport, cars, motorcycles, racing, computer games, action, wrestle, workout, advertising, business projects, startup, trailers and more!

Hit Me

Action movie track. Perfect for action, exreme and other drive things.


Eraser is a dynamic, energetic, powerful and brutal track. When creating a track heavy sounds of electric guitars and bass, live sounds of a powerful drum kit, electronic sounds, as well as cinematic sounds of trailer music were used.

Uplifting & Upbeat Pop

Uplifting & Upbeat Pop Upbeat and fun energetic pop track with catchy piano chords and acoustic & electric guitar – is perfect for your multimedia project, like: Advertising, TV, Radio, TV shows, youtube channel, lifestyle, sport, viral marketing, web advertisement, movies, trailers, business, t...
Yann Keerim
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