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Twisted Metal Racing

This metal style track is well suited to a dynamic action video about speed, extreme etc. Aggressive atmosphere, powerful drums and FX's is all you need

Sex and Chemistry

A rock riff, that express an act of toxic passion, between ryhtmic pattern and relaxing electric guitar

George The Flying Bat Orchestral Halloween

A whacky manic orchestral piece sonically draped in everything that is Halloween. A spooky theremin melody is carried forth by haunting strings, children's choir, frantic woodwinds and sinister brass outbursts. If you listen closely you can hear George the Bat spreading his wings on Halloween nigh...

Full Moon Lullaby

Full Moon Lullaby is a soft lullaby theme, with some dark elements creating a mysterious and sometimes haunting atmosphere, featuring music box, piano, celeste and pads. Ideal for use in movie trailers, mystery documentaries, Halloween specials, film scores, YouTube videos or computer games.

Epic Action Trailer

Modern, epic & intense Hollywood style trailer cue which slowly builds up to a hard hitting, high impact cinematic trailer track, Huge, epic, Hollywood style trailer sounds, hard hitting percussion, cinematic orchestra sections (stings and brass) and twisted synth risers.

Ominous Lullaby

Ominous Lullaby – Classical Horror track with tremolo strings and a twisted piano melody morphing into weird gamelan territories. Perfect to create a bone-chillin horror atmosphere. Composer: Julian Korbl (SACEM) CAE/IPI: 01065089160

Neo Tropical Diggity

Edgy, progressive disco style house with a dark, twisted jazz element.


Dark detuned atmospheric piano with slightly twisted atmospheres

Action Orchestra Electronica (Dark Passage)

The passage is dark and dangerous, what choice is there? Move forward... Low, dark synthesiser's blended with real strings, woodwind and brass...

Midnight Crow - Scary Halloween

Scary and creepy atonal orchestral music and sound scape – creates an atmosphere of terror, dark and evil fear! Dissonant strings, broken piano and screaming guitars makes this music great for scenes with horror, psychological thriller or halloween.

Bad Dream Halloween Horror

A Scary and Haunting piece of music, great for horror and thriller visuals. Very Scary, tense and ominous with plenty of suspense and fear! A great piece of Horror / psychological thriller music for all your scary projects
Yann Keerim
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