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This track is created for your mysterious projects, with a cinematic mood! Background track for your movies, trailers and video games, animations, YouTube content, adventures and more.

Horror Theme

A creepy horror theme featuring strange prepared pianos melodies, low cellos and synthesizers lines and various spooky sound effects. Perfect for horror, thriller and scifi trailers and themes, paranormal documentaries, Halloween TV/Radio specials, video games and any project that needs an eerie, su...

Ominous Lullaby

Ominous Lullaby – Classical Horror track with tremolo strings and a twisted piano melody morphing into weird gamelan territories. Perfect to create a bone-chillin horror atmosphere. Composer: Julian Korbl (SACEM) CAE/IPI: 01065089160

Creepy Piano

Classical Horror Piano track with tense harmonies and reverb. Perfect to create a bone-chillin horror atmosphere, great for halloween too. Composer: Julian Korbl (SACEM) CAE/IPI: 01065089160


Dark hip-hop with piano, synth pads and driving breakbeats with explosive snares. Perfect as film music for street life, crime thriller, thriller and action.

Creepy Effigies (Halloween Horror)

Dark and ominous Horror track, mainly featuring an eerie Piano and haunting Strings. Ideal for your next Horror projects, such as trailers for video games and films / movies / TV, commercials, advertising, Youtube videos, background music, apps / applications and many more!

Night Shivers (All edits)

Dark electronic instrumental, with spooky melodies, atmospheric pads, and a driving drum pattern. Starts off slowly, with a mysterious vibe, then the energy picks up with the drum pattern, slightly hip hop influenced. Would fit nicely for a horror movie trailer, or a "behind the scenes" documentary ...

beach ballad

A dreamy and haunting vocal interlude that is ideal for evoking a tender, romanticatmosphere. With a sweet, expressive melody and a melancholic, nostalgic arrangement in the styleof the Beach Boys. Just vocals with ocean and seagulls in the Background.


Description :A dark disturbing track with a scratched, disturbed, demented tortured violin playing on to of by evolving pads and sounds capes , unique pitched elements and contemporary scary sound design that all ends in a big glassy hit.. Key Words: dark torture scary gloomy searching tense
Yann Keerim
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