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Weird Movements

Quirky, comical track with drums and percussion, Fun, lively and carefree!

Bunch Of Nonsense

Comical, light-hearted track with silly, slap-stick arrangements. Great for childish, humorous scene.

Just Having Fun (5 Versions)

A joyful, uplifting and optimistic track featuring catchy whistles, claps, ukulele, playful strings, marimba, bass guitar and drums. This careless and happy track is great for positive projects, commercials, presentations, holiday advertisements, motivational videos, corporate uses, product prom...

Fun (5 Versions)

Positive and uplifting track with bright and joyful feel. This mid-tempo arrangement features catchy whistles, ukulele, claps, glockenspiel, marimba, strings, bass and drums. This cheerful instrumental track will surely bring the joy and happy feeling to a wide range of promotional media, includi...

Funny Bluegrass

Fast and quirky bluegrass with a playful banjo, doublebass, violin and jazz drums. Well suited for comedy, satire and funny themes.

Hail To The Chief

by kubed
President's Day theme with a cool, funky and quirky twist. Playful percussion combined with slap bass and horns. A patriotic theme song with a very positive and uplifting mood. It can work well for funny videos, parodies, bloopers or big sales commercials.

Taco Thrower

Silly orchestral track that includes dynamic marimba, percussion and double bass. Would go great as a backing track to puppies playing, cartoons, a reality television show, the list goes on..

Blame the Nut

Playful staccato string track with great comedic potential. Would go well with a comedy sketch, cartoon or silly character playing a prank or puppies playing.

Pirates March

Marche for flute and overdrive-guitar, farce and satire. Fine suitable for comedy and cartoon.

beach ballad

A dreamy and haunting vocal interlude that is ideal for evoking a tender, romanticatmosphere. With a sweet, expressive melody and a melancholic, nostalgic arrangement in the styleof the Beach Boys. Just vocals with ocean and seagulls in the Background.
Yann Keerim
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