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Martijn focuses  on writing music for visuals  and established himself as a composer for all kinds of multimedia, like documentaries, television commercials and motion pictures.

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Space Tune

Composer: MDM MUSIC
An ambient spacious theme with evolving textures and electric bass.

Stay Sync

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A late night show introduction theme with fender rhodes piano, funky bass and brass riffs.

Smokers 03

Composer: MDM MUSIC
a medium tempo rock underscore with spacious guitar chords, electric bass and a drum groove on toms.

Slow Groove (loop)

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A groovy underscore with acoustic piano, soft synth pads and syncopated drums.

Rock Ballad

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A classic rock ballad with spacious ambient guitars,distorted lead guitar, acoustic piano and drums.

Percussive Drones 03

Composer: MDM MUSIC
An evolving drone with a pulsating bass and a scifi atmosphere.

Retro Sun (loop)

Composer: MDM MUSIC
a happy uptempo electronic groove with fender rhodes, synth bass and electronic drums

Percussive Drones 02

Composer: MDM MUSIC
an ambient rhythmic drone with slow evolving pulsating textures.

Pensive Flashes

Composer: MDM MUSIC
An ambient underscore with ethnic influences. Melodic percussion, fretless bass and organic synth textures.

Pencil and Paper (loop)

Composer: MDM MUSIC
a slow funky underscore with fender rhodes piano, acoustic guitar and syncopated drums

Ozon Prayer

Composer: MDM MUSIC
an ethereal theme with spacious textures and female vocalizing.

Overtone Flowers

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A dreamy pulsating underscore with organic textures and arpeggiated guitars.

Out of Time

Composer: MDM MUSIC
An uptempo energetic intro theme with strumming guitars and a strong beat

On the Run

Composer: MDM MUSIC
High paced build up with clavinet,percussion and melodic percussion to a sudden stop

Omnistance 1

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A mystery theme with soft synth textures and a 'stranger things' arpeggiated piano.

Old Pictures

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A pensive dreamy ambient underscore with fender rhodes and organic textures in the background.

Nathan talks to his Mother

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A pensive ambient cinematic underscore with acoustic piano, orchestral strings and delicate synth pads in the background.

Nathan Opening Titles

Composer: MDM MUSIC
Majestic orchestral melodic theme with piano, bagpipes and whistle melody.

MSH Opening Titles

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A dramatic orchestral opening theme with orchestral strings, flute melody and acoustic piano.

Moment of Truth (loop)

Composer: MDM MUSIC
an upbeat acoustic underscore with strumming guitars and piano
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