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Martijn focuses  on writing music for visuals  and established himself as a composer for all kinds of multimedia, like documentaries, television commercials and motion pictures.

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Punk Pilots

An uptempo punk jam with edgy rhythmic guitars and syncopated drums

Smokers 07 (loop)

A dark spacey underscore with evolving textures and electronic percussion

Symphonic Heroes

Am upbeat heroic orchestral theme with strings and brass melody combined with percussion

Southern Breeze

A pensive ambient country cinematic underscore with slide guitar and ambient pads

Rhodes 02

A smooth jazzy underscore with electric guitar and fender rhodes piano


A sad cinematic theme with synth pads and simple guitar melody.

Sand Particles 01

A sad pensive ambient cinematic theme with hollow organic pads and flute melody.

Sense of Joy

A joyful soft romantic theme with acoustic guitar and mellow synth pads.

Streaming Particles

An ambient spacious corporate underscore with rhythmic textures and slow evolving pads with piano.

Spring Breeze

A romantic orchestral theme with woodwinds melody and strings accompaigment.

Slow Tale

A medium tempo corporate the with piano and electric guitar lead. Strong funky drum groove comes in after the intro.

Seaside Restaurant

A soft ambient romantic underscore with acoustic guitar and acoustic piano .

Syncopated Movements_loop

An uptempo positive corporate theme with arpeggiated synth textures and soft flowing beat.

Take the day off

A joyful soft rock theme with acoustic guitar, vintage guitar and flute lead.

Tango Rosario

A traditional tango with acoustic piano ,accordeon and acoustic bass

Runner's Up

A mellow EDM corporate theme with gated synths, electric guitar and soft synth pads.

Rock Anthem

An uptempo 80's rock theme with strumming and crunch guitars.

Strumming Shepherd

A slow laid back alternative rock theme with various electric guitars and fender rhodes piano.

Platform Pinky_loop

Retro funky videogame tune with 8 bit sound effects and arpeggiated synths

Quite Day

A pensive ambient cinematic theme with slowed down guitar textures and acoustic piano
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