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Martijn focuses  on writing music for visuals  and established himself as a composer for all kinds of multimedia, like documentaries, television commercials and motion pictures.

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MJ Shuffle 01 (loop)

Composer: MDM MUSIC
Laid back easy listening theme with acoustic guitar, piano and organ.

MJ Classic Rock 01 (loop)

Composer: MDM MUSIC
Alternative rock theme with vintage guitar sounds and acoustic piano.


Composer: MDM MUSIC
A short upbeat orchestra theme with woodwinds melody.

Meeting Point (loop)

Composer: MDM MUSIC
an ambient underscore with arpeggiated textures and acoustic guitar and flute melody.

March of the Staffis

Composer: MDM MUSIC
a cinematic march with orchestra and piano with a fantasy vibe.


Composer: MDM MUSIC
A medium tempo soft rock theme with a country feel. Acoustic and electric guitars, soft synth pads in the background.

Love Classic Theme

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A melodic romantic orchestral strings theme with a clarinet melody.


Composer: MDM MUSIC
an epic adventure theme with brass, dark textures and percussion

Kids Corner 10

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A joyful soft acoustic theme with arpeggiated guitars , mandolin and melodic percussion.

Kids Corner 09

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A gentle soft underscore with fretless bass melody and soft arpeggiated synths int he background.

Kids Corner 08

Composer: MDM MUSIC
Uptempo orchestral cartoon theme with kazoo as lead instrument.

MJ Classic Rock 01 (loop)

Composer: MDM MUSIC
an alternative rock theme with chorused piano, vintage electric guitar and catchy riffs.

Piece of Jake (loop)

Composer: MDM MUSIC
a medium tempo energetic funky dance track with fender rhodes piano,clavinet and delayed guitars. Trumpet and Saxophone riffs.

Kids Corner 07

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A gentle children's bedtime theme with fender rhodes piano, soft synths bells and synth pads.

Kids Corner 06

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A funny upbeat children's theme with quirky synths sounds and piano

Machine Groovin (loop)

Composer: MDM MUSIC
An energetic synth fuelled underscore with pulsating synths and an electronic drum groove,

Latin Fire

Composer: MDM MUSIC
An uptempo latin theme with syncopated guitars and acoustic piano with an energetic acoustic drum groove.

Mandolin Touch

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A gentle theme with mandolin and oboe melody with orchestral strings in the background.

Morning Breeze

Composer: MDM MUSIC
a melodic soft southern rock theme with a dramatic chorus. Electric guitars and electric piano, soft synth pads in the background.

Pensive Drones 01

Composer: MDM MUSIC
Neutral drone with a rhythmic synth pulse slowly evolving with multiple alternative arpeggiated layers.

Pandemonium (loop)

Composer: MDM MUSIC
Moody 90's feel EDM underscore with synths,clavinet and arpeggiated pizzicato.
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