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Martijn focuses  on writing music for visuals  and established himself as a composer for all kinds of multimedia, like documentaries, television commercials and motion pictures.

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Breaking Down 02

a moody underscore with ambient piano, dark textures and a percussive middle section

Breaking Down 01

A moody thriller underscore with acoustic piano and dark textures ion the background

Black Sunglasses

A slow evolving laid back soft rock theme with electric and acoustic guitars. Melodic piano and percussion

Beyond the Mountain

a melodic world theme with ethnic percussion, orchestral strings and ethnic flute

Beware of the Lone Ranger

A pulsating rock beat with vintage guitars creating a vintage James Bond type vibe.


Dramatic cinematic theme with orchestral strings

Beans & Coffee

A soft ambient rock theme with a dramatic guitar melody

Barren Land

ambient drone with ethnic arabian female vocalizing

Bad Dream

An eerie atmosphere with tension building up.

Backroads Electric

A country rock shuffle with fender rhodes piano and electric guitar

Backroads 01 (loop)

An uptempo funny cowboy theme with mouth harp,electric guitar, violin and violin.

Back in those days

a throwback to the sixties with 'Beatles' sounding instrumentation

Bacardi Rumset (loop)

A medium tempo reggae tune with acoustic guitar and pan vibes.

Atmospheric Groove 01 (Loop)

A moderate ambient corporate groove with soft synth textures and a slow developing groove.

Ambient Ethnic 01

A pensive ambient dreamy underscore with Arabian female vocals

African Ghost (Loop)

A medium tempo African theme with chanting, ethnic flute and traditional percussion

Acrobatic Manouver (loop)

A medium tempo electronic underscore with gated and pulsating synths

Acoustic Trio 10

an old fashioned rock'n roll theme with contrabass, saxophone and piano

Acoustic Trio 04

A joyful romantic theme acoustic guitar and acoustic piano.

12-8 Summer Acoustics

A spacious acoustic theme with country influences. Acoustic piano combined with strumming acoustic guitars and slide guitar
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