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Skilled Freelance Music Composer and Sound Designer with 13+ years of experience in arranging and creating musical pieces and sound effects by request. Expert in music and sound editing software, with experience handling a wide variety of programs and digital tools to compose, synthesize, and edit music and audio tracks. Able to play many different instruments. Familiarity with a range of musical genres from Orchestral to Rock, with special experience in Video Games, Advertising, Radio & TV music production as well as recreations for Karaoke, arrangements and production for Singer-Songwriters

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Lazy Jazzy Bourbon Club

Lazy Jazz. A little bit sexy, a little bit happy, a little bit dreamy. Ideal for scenes where shopping with beautiful young ladies, or a Bourbun with the older ones ;)

Jungle Gmes

Corporate inspiring positive tune. Synthesized log percussion sounds and flutes.

Scary quirky hammering

Scary quirky hammering, big belly walkers, zombie ducks, whatever you imagine.

Tender whispers

An instrumental theme in the melancholic guitar solo mood, warm and tender, with a little of tension and a lot of weeping guitar phrases. The "George Harrison Sliding School".

Odyssey of time

Orchestral Theme with soaring strings, deep colours and some sort of Adventure Trailer reminiscence.

Cave creature's shadows

Atmospheric marching percussion, ethereal fagot, and magical harp.

A Japanese lullaby

Warm and dreamy Japanese style theme with a melancholic but calmed feel.

A day in the cave

Dark, heavy, fearful orchestral piece with a spicy oriental reminiscence.

Sunny day in the farm

Folk music style, almost universal sense of farming. Ideal for openings or ending titles.

Scary Theme

Suggestive, tenebrous, scary instrumental cue.
Yann Keerim
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