Priscilla Wood

9 Tracks in library - Priscilla Wood of North Carolina creates powerful Electronic and Ethnic soundtracks, featuring the rhythms of Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. She is a classically trained cellist who started playing at the young age of three in her natal Caracas, Venezuela. Priscilla performed for almost ten years with “El Sistema," Venezuela’s well-known young orchestral program. She is also an avid traveler and credits living in several countries and meeting people from all corners of the world for inspiring her artistic views in music.
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The Merry Always Go Round

Composer: Priscilla Wood
A group of children plays innocently on a merry-go-round. Similar INTRO to Every 27 Years and Prologue, this track is dissonant with an abstract atmosphere. Fits in a horror film, a psychological thriller or anything Paranormal. Piano, Tubular bells, strings (cello), French horns, clarinets. Good f...


Composer: Priscilla Wood
An ode to romantic despair. They don’t call Tango “A dance of sorrow” for nothing! This track sounds frustratedly sad and ridiculously humorous. Fits in a break-up scene or satirical comedy. Old accordions, strings and a sad piano. Sounds like The Tango Saloon -Transylvania by Julian Curwin ...

Soft Mojito

Composer: Priscilla Wood
A splash of Cuban-bongo flavor in the vein of Candela, Buena Vista Social Club, Corazon Espinado Oye Como Va. A few Cuban retirees pass time playing Dominoes in a Spanish town square, some of them drink rum, some drink mojitos. Works well in a Miami, Cuban, Little Havana or South Beach documentary. ...


Composer: Priscilla Wood
Celtic harp poetic soft-melody, think Greensleeves or Canon in D. Instruments used: Medieval harp, psaltery, dulcimer, lute, Irish flute, European folk kit, and a Celtic tin whistle. Fits very well in a Renaissance / Medieval film or documentary. Sounds like: Christopher Wilson (Pavana, Recercare, ...

Curry Masala

Composer: Priscilla Wood
Modern World fusion Indian drums with tambourines, shakers, Indian sitar, sarod, tabla, santoor, dholak drums. It goes well in a Bollywood film, a documentary about travel, Indian food and culture. Good for: Cinema, belly dance, documentary, film instrumental, travel channel. Sounds like Zakir Hussa...

Barcelona Nights

Composer: Priscilla Wood
This track has BARCELONA and Mediterranean guitar written all over. Enjoy a Paella dish with some Spanish guitar for added flavor, Cuban congas, Percussion, Maracas and a Tambourine join the feast. Sounds like Ottmar Liebert Santa Fe or Isla del Sol, fits perfectly in travel channel documentary open...

Deep Africa

Composer: Priscilla Wood
You’ve been caught by a man-eating tribe in one of the most-dense jungles in the world - the Amazon rainforest, the BIG and POWERFUL drums are eager to take you down. Instruments: African deep drums, a few strings (cellos), shakers. Works perfectly in an action-adventure tribal documentary. Sound...

Through the Gates of Petra

Composer: Priscilla Wood
Archaeologists just discovered a new temple site in the ancient city of Petra, Jordan. The track features deep drums as someone passing through a temple’s gates not knowing what to expect. Goes well in an Arabic-Islam history documentary. Instruments, Turkish lute, drums, shakers, and a flute. So...

We Trance

Composer: Priscilla Wood
Fast forward to year 3000, where Artificial Intelligence is in charge of the whole Galaxy, they communicate freely and call the shots. WARNING: Humans, do not try to disobey authority or its laser will exterminate you. I repeat, DO NOT try to rebel. A smooth version of European trance music with a b...
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