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Brothers of Destruction

Are you looking for extremely powerful track for street workout, music for your Fitness exercises, crossfit, or hardcore pump in gym? Brothers of Destruction is your choise! Heavy guitars, modern drums, synths and so much power if this riffs!

American Bar

Powerful punchy rock cinematic composition with overdriven guitar riff and powerful solo part and energeti? clap elements. This fat sound is perfect for film score, movie trailer, extreme, action, military, martial arts, urban, sport video, advertise and more projects.

Reflective Hopes [Soft Rock Pop Touching Fulfilled Happy Satisfied]

Reflective Hopes is a fulfilled and touching Pop Rock track, featuring easy electric guitar and satisfying piano creating an emphatic mood. Best for nature, family, reality, lifestyle, vacation, travels, youth, tender and emotional moments, and many more.

Energetic Garage Rock

Real drive! Energetic, very positive, danceable garage track. The youth will definitely appreciate it. Genuine emotions. Any video about youth culture will look great with this track. Advertising gadgets, cars and more. For convenience, there are two versions of the track in the archive: Energetic G...

Cinematic Metal

Cinematic Metal is a powerful end energetic combination of electronic elements, glitch, industrial drums beat and hi gain distortion extreme guitar. Perfect for background for sports trailer, extreme, video games, slideshow, opening and action commercial video, fight or fighting, sports news tv bro...

Painkiller, kill the pain

Rock, pop rock, classic rock. How desperate do you get when in pain and painkillers don 't help?

Sports Action Metal

This heavy and powerful metal track is perfect as background music in sports and action sequences, in commercials, advertisements, promos, fashion shows, podcasts, vlogs, youtube videos and more. It features electric guitars, orchestral percussion, synths and bass.

Yann Keerim
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