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Echoes Of Serenity

A calming and relaxing new age ambient track that features flutes, strings, synths, marimba, harp, celeste, and log drum. Suitable for meditation, documentaries, drone shots and time lapses.

Faster Technology

Fast dynamic electro-pop corporate track crunchy drums, echoing guitars, strings, warm piano and pulsing drums. Focused, determined mood perfect for high-tech and innovation related videos.

Successful Startup

Positive inspiring corporate track with echoing guitars, pulsing drum kit, shimmering acoustic guitars and piano. Perfect for business presentations, promotional videos and slideshows.

Smart Ambient

Ambient chillstep instrumental track with an evocative cinematic sound consisting of echoing mallets, strings pizzicato, atmospheric pads, glitchy drum kit and percussions. Inspirational mood perfect for science and technology related projects.

Ordinary Magic

Inspiring background music mixing classical chamber orchestra with funky hip-hop drum beat. Pizzicato strings, pads, electric piano and echoing guitars create a fairy-tale atmosphere, close to fantasy and dream. Perfect for productions relating to urban culture, visual arts, luxury, creativity, scie...

No Cows Around

Country track with banjo, electric lap steel slide guitar, echoing harmonica and a steady back beat. Mid tempo and perfect for travel, wheeling around and outdoors.

Highway 66

Track starts off with a bluesy echoing harmonica with grinding riffs on the electric lap steel guitar with an Americana banjo middle and a rock back beat. Mid tempo and perfect for driving, traveling, outdoors and motorcycle scenes.

Dry Creek Blues

Solo Dobro guitar slide lines with acoustic guitar. Very sad, depressed and lonely. Echoing slide guitar lines reflecting the deep south USA.

Alone In Whiskey

Chilling electric southern slide guitar. Very slow tempo and gritty feel. Sad, distant and lonely. Lap steel guitar with echoing cow bell.

Chillout Beat

Super chill Wiz Khalifa beat with swelling synth pads accompanied by echo delayed bell hits and trap drums. Perfect for setting the mood to relax sit back and just chillout in the spa, party, nature, with friends, or background music for your business or corporation. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Hip Hop I...


Imagine the loss of a loved one, a funeral, candles flickering in the church, crying and weeping echoes around the cathedral. Life is not lost, but confined to Eternity. Cold and haunting strings underpin this minimal and soft piano melody. Suitable for dramatic, romance, television, film, short fil...

Prepare For Mission

Thrilling cinematic track for action, suspense scenes. With gloomy atmospheric sound effects and soundscape and edgy synths. Anxious, dangerous mood.

Glowing Echoes

Uplifting ambient music with a slightly hypnotic sound thanks to atmospheric and repetitive piano patterns. Pensive, positive mood. Piano, muted guitar, pads, reverbs and drum kit.

Spying Operation

Cinematic soundtrack perfect for action and thriller scenes. Suspense, tension mood. Rhythmic hihats and percussions patterns, low and grave piano notes, thrilling sound effects.

Remarkable Talent

Upbeat light rock instrumental track perfect for corporate or business related productions. Uplifting, motivational mood, featuring muted electric guitars, echoing guitar harmonics, drums, strings and bass.


Inspiring and building background music with ambient influences. Echoing and muted electric guitars, drums and pads. Atmospheric and uplifting.

Upbeat Corporate Science

Focused corporate track perfect as background music for business videos relating to science, technology, news and industry. Confident mood with warm spacious pads, echoing synths and steady drum kit rhythm.

The Pursuit of Happiness

This track is filled with energy. Motivation. The pursuit of goals. The desire to win. Bright and clean sound! Suited to the theme of sports or the topic of corporate spirit!

Bossa Ballad no horns (Heart of Stone)

A romantic, sultry instrumental bossa nova with echoes of the 1950/60s Brazilian composer's. Featuring beautiful acoustic guitar and piano bass and percussion

Bossa Ballad (Heart of Stone)

A romantic, sultry instrumental bossa nova with echoes of the 1950/60s Brazilian composer's. Featuring beautiful acoustic guitar and piano with mellow horns carrin the melody.
Yann Keerim
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