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Upbeat, optimistic, and uplifting track featuring piano, acoustic and electric guitars, making it ideal for YouTube videos, vloggers, commercial, corporate use, and much more. Perfect for giving that positive feeling!

Feel Good Acoustic

Dynamic…this is a fast pace track, very lively, energic, active, and high-spirited. It’s a beautiful, sunny, shiny, jolly, merry, inspiring, playful, fast, easy, simple, warm, bright, nice track that puts you in a good mood!

Growing Hope

Bright and cheerful organic acoustic feel-good track. Positive and inspiring. Full of positive emotions, this uplifting, yet laid-back piece will pair well with any video. It’s suitable for just about any production: advertising, marketing, slideshows, openers, corporate presentations, family home...

Feeling Good Beats

Feeling Good Beats is a happy, uplifting, catchy, bouncy, and sunny African world music with a groovy beat and African ethnic instruments. Perfect for travel projects, culture videos, children's projects, documentaries, and summer commercials.

Reggae Culture

Bright positive reggae. Optimistic melody pleases us and relaxes. We seem to be transferring to Jamaica the center of reggae culture. Fun trumpet brass and ska guitar.

Rasta Movement

The perfect track to deliver that heavy Dub and Reggae atmosphere. Dusty Organs and Chopped Guitars .

Collect Moments

Collect Moments is an energetic and upbeat pop rock song featuring an upbeat groove and catchy melodies.Perfect soundtrack for commercials, sports montages, corporate videos, YouTube videos, films, TV, and any projects that need a triumphant, energetic music track with positive life messages.

Happiness Logo

Happy uplifting audio ident consisting of whistling, marimba, ukulele and more.
Yann Keerim
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