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I'm a composer with tv, film, radio and chart success. With a busy career as a performer too (I've been the resident musician at The Savoy Hotel for the last 17 years) I have total dedication to everything music; whether composing instrumental film scores or original songs in a variety of genres.

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Spooky Music Box

spooky music box, perfect for horror, thriller for creepy project

Cheerful Hotel Lobby

bouncy, upright bass and piano, swingy jazz sophisticated moods. Posh hotel lobby atmosphere.

Magic Fantasy Atmosphere in Beach Boys Style

a magical swelling musical section featuring harp, wordless Beach Boys style vocals, human whistles and atmospheric pedal organ. perfect for strange, unusual, exotic, mysterious spellbinding moments.

Liberty March

uplifting, dynamic, powerful piano mood, creating a positive, unifying march, rally, triumphant expression of humanity doing good things on mass.

Russian Folk Party

festive, spirited traditional Russian or Eastern European sounds and atmosphere.

You Will Survive This Storm

spiritual, considered piano moods. Creating a deep, almost mysterious quality. Resolving into a positive, quietly strong atmosphere.

Lonely Seaside Cafe

David Lynch-esque lonely melancholy electric piano and gentle sea sounds. Creates a haunting, late night feeling.

Sun After Rain

meditative piano moods. Calm and restful, inspiring and peaceful. Ideal for calm film sequence, music creates feelings of positivity, happiness and calm.

Sound Of Rainfall In Trees

the sound of rain falling on tree tops. recorded in the UK during rain shower. Great for genuine outdoors atmosphere

Suspense And Mystery

suspenseful, mysterious, disturbing, mystical, beguiling, haunting theme. Piano with cellos. Would make a great repeating theme for a character or theme.

Technology Will Break Your Heart

sophisticated, cool jazz pop. Late night vibe. 'late night in the city' atmosphere. Restrained, dignified but hip.

Autumn Equinox

a spiritual, calm, yet uplifting piano mood track. Gently uplifting and positive mindful music.

Healing Thoughts

spiritual, quiet beauty, meditation, piano moods, healing, gentle

Astral Mystery

reflective, mysterious, beguiling piano mood. Pensive and spiritual.


A Nick Drake inspired bit of English folk/singer songwriter, wistful, very English melancholy song. Dreamy, introspective, countryside.

Russian Atmosphere

Traditional Russian folk atmosphere, melancholy and brooding. Pondering and medium slow. Feelings of mystery, intrigue and disquiet.

Gospel Organ

A moving, inspiring American Gospel Organ piece. Reflective, expansive and spiritual.

American Gospel Mood

Vibrant, celebratory American Gospel mood. With tambourine, clapping, piano and Gospel organ. Creates a joyful and energetic American church atmosphere.

Acoustic Guitar Strum Blues

A classic, acoustic blues guitar piece. Evocative and atmospheric. Complete with guitar body thumps and real human hands moving up and down the fretboard. A warm, real performance that will add instant atmosphere and oxygen to a film project.
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