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The Way It Was

This cinematographic folk soundtrack is suitable for a variety of media production purposes, from travel videos, audio books and documentaries to video games and feature films. The composition consists of traditional acoustic guitar, lute and hammered dulcimer. Backed up with orchestral drones and s...

Cyber Trailer

This powerful industrial cinematic track is best for film trailer.

A Threat is Close

A dark orchestral piece full of suspense, anger and tension. Great for cinematic purposes.


Powerful electric guitar music with punchy drums and seethe bass. This track will able exciting, angry and energetic mood to your project.

Unconnected Oneness

Perfect track for action video and sport commercials, extreme TV show and much more.

The Image

A synth futuristic, slightly glitch and elegant background music. Great for technical presentations, fashion, documentaries, computer technology, travel clips.

Neon Nights

The sound design of this track is stylized for electronic music and soundtracks from the 80s.

Forgotten Temples

Ethereal cinematic soundtrack featuring with flowing latin choir, gentle orchestral strings, episodic magical harp.

Age of Exploration

Age of Exploration is an inspirational dramatic soundtrack for video production. Expressive modern sound of this orchestral will not leave you indifferent.

Absolute Apex

An epic cinematic music filled with gigantic orchestral brass, tense strings, dramatic choir, electronic elements and big drum ensemble.

Beyond the Mirror World

This motivating epic cinematic music with impressive spatial sound is perfect for products that require a powerful dramatic soundtrack.

Sleepless Nights

This musical classical sounding composition is perfect for intro of video games and films in mystic, horror, detective genres.
Yann Keerim
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