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The Wanderer

A quirky Spaghetti Western track that features cliche whistle, banjos, jew harp, native flutes, classical guitars and strings. Great fit for western settings, hero themes and all things spaghetti in films, video games, videos and more.

If The Creek Don't Rise

A modern take on the blues with huge drums, 808 bass and roaring guitars. Great for Americana, bikers, westerns, etc.

Technology successful business (Positive corporate background)

Positive corporate theme with guitars, organ, drums and pad, creating an atmosphere of success for any business and uplifting mood.

Cheers Be Happy

Uplifting positive track featuring Ukulele , banjo, upright bass and claps. Ideal for marketing, advertisement, youtube videos, podcast intro, outro and more.

Western Smile

Happy country groove featuring banjo, guitar, bottleneck guitar with guitar lead

A Lively Christmas

A Lively Christmas is funny, upbeat, bouncy, happy Christmas music, featuring ukulele, banjo, acoustic guitar, uplifting bells, pizzicato strings, violin, drums with handclaps. Perfect for: Christmas & New Year Celebration Videos, Christmas Projects, Upbeat Christmas Background, Advertising & Comme...

New Town Banjo

A cool down home track featuring acoustic country on top of a modern hip hop beat. Featuring guitar, banjo and dobro

Hideaway (Instrumental)

Alt indie pop track without male vocals. Banjo and guitars. Catchy and cool with singalong chorus


Alt indie pop track with male vocals. Banjo and guitars. Catchy and cool with singalong chorus

Celtic Winds

Suitable for movies, commercials, YouTube, Instagram videos, innovative videos, websites, video games.


Toe tapping Southern country pop track which evokes heartwarming and happy mood. Features banjo and guitar with mandolin and squeezebox leads.

Happy Just To Dance With You

This is a joyful and energetic country/folk track. It features a lively banjo, nice fiddle, acoustic guitar, bass, drums and accordion. Perfect for podcast themes, documentaries, and more.

Off Road (Upbeat Country/ Bluegrass Theme Song Instrumental)

This is a country/ bluegrass instrumental. It has an upbeat drum pattern and battling guitars. It sounds like the theme song for a television show set in a country environment with fast paced action. It has a nice swing to it and puts you in the mind of big trucks and speed of the back roads. show l...

Swamp Hop

Swampy, southern, bluegrass banjo with a hip hop beat. Acoustic guitar, banjo, beatbox and a synthesizer all come together to take you way down south maybe even to gator or long beard duck territory.

Backside of Somewhere

This is a hick-hop , ganstagrass track featuring banjo and guitar. It is Southern, backwoods and driving. This is a perfect track for anything red-neck or backwoods. Duck Dynasty. Swamp People.

Kids Adventures

''Kids Adventures'' is ? upbeat, happy, and optimistic track featuring bouncy acoustic guitars, bright bells, playful piano, whistling, banjo, trombone, and a fun groove complete with handclaps and finger snaps. Background music for family videos, children’s projects, funny and charming videos, va...

Jolly Day Out

Driving Ukulele and banjos over a stomping beat on a feel good folky/poppy tune featuring ukulele, drums, finger snaps, bass, mandolin, claps, piano and banjo. ideal for use as a backing track in commercials, ads, You Tube, corporate, podcasts etc

Way to Charlotte

Fun, quirky Americana country track with slide guitar on the dobro, banjo and a brush train beat. Perfect for riding, nature, outdoors, sports and life styles.
Yann Keerim
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