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Mystic Child

A dark, orchestral royalty free cinematic tune with tense vibes, deep piano, strings, modern beats and loud hybrids, great for horror/thriller related trailers, intros, jump scares or promos.

Baker Street

A suspenseful, ambient royalty free horror theme with scary vibes, dark sfx, deep hits and braaams, ideal for horror related intros, trailers, promos or Halloween contents.

Goodbye Brother

An emotional, dramatic royalty free orchestral piece with a light piano, sad strings and choir bits, perfect for love, melancholic, war related or farewell film scenes.

First Light Of Day

An emotional, deep royalty free cinematic music theme with dark orchestral strings, pads and percussion bits, ideal for intros, movies, love, heartbreaking or war related visuals.

Happy Motivational Efficient Corporate

An happy, efficient and motivational royalty free corporate song with pads, electric guitar, bass, piano, synth lead and straight drums, best for ads, corporate, travel, business, motivational and promotional related content.


Soft and melodic Cuban style bolero track with acoustic guitar melody, trombone melody in the bridge. Chill out late into the evening somewhere in the Caribbean in the style of Buena Vista Social Club.Perfect for videos related to Cuba or Latin America, for inspirational advertising, marketing and c...

80s Retro Nostalgia Synthwave

An retro, upbeat and nostalgic 80s synthwave royalty free song, with retro synth leads, synth pads, retro bass and efficient beats, best for ads, retro visuals, fashion, summer, 80s aesthetics and artistic related content !
Yann Keerim
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