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A dark lush cinematic theme with orchestral strings, synth textures and horn melody.

The Miracle Worker (Adventure Orchestra)

A fantasy cue beginning with soft strings and ambient textures, building to a powerful orchestral climax before ending with cinematic, melodic synthesisers.

Action Orchestra Electronica (Proud Hero)

An epic orchestral adventure cue a la the Lion King. You'll learn how to take off and fly in no time. Multi sectioned to help tell your story >>

Action Orchestra Electronica (a secret revealed)

A mysterious, ancient secret is revealed and life (as we know it) will never be the same again. Orchestra with subtle electronic texturing...

Action Orchestra Electronica (The Discovery)

Emerging out the the darkness... A forgotten secret of wonderment... Full orchestra seamlessly blended with ambient padding and atmospheric texturing...

Ambient Underscore (Xins)

Yes sparse... Yes ambient and at times beautiful.. Yes very dark and mildly disturbing... The first half features sweeping padding and minimal piano lines, the second half features deep padding and a (real) modern male choir adding huge dramatic effect.

Ambient Underscore (Sutraan)

Like a modern day Tubular Bells, this unique ambient track is built on suttle melodic lines strung together to create a suspenseful textured underscore

Ambient Underscore (Hear Two)

Heavily processed acoustic guitars and beautiful padding create a truly unique chilled ambient backdrop...

Ambient Underscore (Hear One)

Looking into the void, traveling to the furthest outer reach's... Textured padding and soft pulsating synthesiser's.

Traverling to Mars (soundscape)

Distant planets and epic landscape come to mind with this Tangerine Dream influenced ambient track. Power throbbing basslines and electronic textures...

On A River (ambient)

Floating down a river... A beautiful ambient build leads to a BVD vocal melody... Latin influenced electronic percussion, minimal jazz piano and electronic textures glued to a smooth but powerful bassline, creating a truly unique ambient underscore.

Ambient Underscore (Nosotus)

A vast desert landscape opens up before you as this minimal lush track develops. with subtle electronic melodies at the end. Magic Pads...

Ambient Underscore (We Leave at Dawn)

There's somewhere important to go and it's a long ways away... Thomas Newman inspired ambient track with light steel strings guitars, ethnic bells and textural padding...

Looking At It Now (dark ambient)

Two distinctly different parts.. Starting with dark low suspenseful ambience, building with minimal precision to a contained climax... Where a slow modern rock drum beat enters (big snare)... Netflix ready, contemporary underscore...
Yann Keerim
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