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Happiness penetrates into the house on quiet soft legs and every moment becomes more and more. Romantic melody, unforgettable moments of life, tender feelings of memories gives warmth and peace. Music that heals the soul and heart. Gentle violins combined with soft piano and enveloping bells sing ab...

Romantic Playful Guitar

Playful Overdrive guitar creates a romantic mood combined with voice hooks, country slide guitar and violins. Whether it’s a romantic video or a travel video or a family video, this track will beautify it. What could be better than a romantic trip in search of beautiful unforgettable places. Let...

Holy Christmas Night

Emotional, dramatic and epic classical music piece about love and tenderness of a soul, featuring a soprano vocals, grand piano and a cello. This track is fit for Chiristmas and New year atmospheric commercials and advertisements, and is perfect for all kinds of projects such as movies, films, docum...

Spring Day

Indie composition with spring mood. The snow is melting, the first flowers are blooming. This is the first spring day. A very kind positive composition, well divided into parts for editing. It evokes pleasant emotions and mood.

Sad Duduk Dle Yaman

Emotional and Epical, Folkloric and Atmospheric piece of music, featuring 2000 years old Armenian reed instrument called Duduk and a warm synth atmo pad. In the style of Arabic, Folk, Atmo, Soundscape, Meditative. The beautiful Armenian melody will evoke feeling of tenderness. Track is just right fo...

Indie Love

This indie composition absorbed the hippie Aramats, love, happiness, sun and freedom. This is true love. This is a cool track for movies and commercials. Connoisseurs will understand.
Yann Keerim
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