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Mystic horror film suspense background music

Intense mystical track with an awesome atmosphere, bright frightening tools and mood of a horror film.

Optimistic groovy background music (electronic)

Simple upbeat background music with guitar, bass, drums, piano, strings and various effects that creates a unique atmosphere in your work.

Creepy mysterious mystic Halloween

Mystical dark ominous track with a chilling atmosphere and mysterious instruments.

Suspenseful mysterious cinematic horror

I present to you the scary, mysterious cinematic track with a dark mystical atmosphere of terror and pessimistic mood.

Hybrid Action Trailer

This is a blockbuster sci-fi trailer music with braams, hybrid sound design, cinematic action drum hits. The intro begins with a sudden trailer impact, a strange sound design blend in while drum hit speeds up the tempo.

Shangai's Swing

A jazz style track with an Asian vibe and a vibraphone catchy melody. Perfect for vlogs and ads.

Skeleton Shuffle (Creepy Halloween)

A piece that's only a little scary and doesn't take itself too seriously, so perfectly matches the spirit of Halloween! It comes in 3 project ready edits and works well with trick or treat videos, spooky kids dress up parties and more. Great for use as trailer music for spooky cartoons, mystery docu...

Epic opener suspense cinematic

An epic musical composition with the atmosphere of rising tension, strong string instruments and drums, restless and disturbing mood.

Ambient suspense mystical background

Mystical background with intense guitar, bass, synthesizer and effects, creating a dark atmosphere of suspense and unsettling mood.

Dramatic music score

Dramatic music with piano, guitar, drums, brass and strings with a sense of expectation and anxious mood.

Hold suspenseful decision background music

Intense background music with guitars, piano and percussion, creating an atmosphere of choice of solution and the mood of uncertainty.

Action hip-hop drama

A short composition of hip-hop with a bright atmosphere of action and a dramatic mood. Contains piano, strings and percussion. Combines with video hip-hop themes, dramatic video and background in presentations.

Rescue Mission

Rescue Mission - Driving, energetic, action piece featuring drums, percussion and strings. BPM - 140 Instrumentation - Drums, Percussion, Strings, Cinematic Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Synth Rescue Mission - Full track (0:58)

After Big Battle

After Big Battle - A slow atmospheric, sad and dramatic track featuring cinematic piano, strings and synths. BPM - 50 Instrumentation - Synths, Cinematic Piano, Piano, Strings. Versions included: After Big Battle - Full version (1:27) After Big Battle - Short version (0:48)
Yann Keerim
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