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Grange Rover

Energetic track with lots of power guitars. Perfect for action background music, sports and many more!

Move On

Background track for sports trailer, racing video, action projects, extreme sport videos, etc...

The Twelve Days Of Christmas

Jazzy big-band arrangement of the popular Christmas classic, capturing the festive season. Uplifting and fun!

Reasons To Change

Relaxing, melancholic piece with guitar, pads and light percussion. Great for subtle background music.

Pleasant Pastures

Gentle, reflective orchestral piece with beautiful orchestration. Great emotional background music.

Looking Better

Inspiring piece with acoustic guitar and full band backing. Celebratory atmosphere...

Art Metal

Powerful, energetic, strong, aggressive and catchy track in the style of heavy metal and hard rock. Perfect for video about sports, extreme, cars, race, fighting, wrestling shows and other action media projects. Featuring instruments: electric guitars, bass guitar, keys and drums.

Sharing These Feelings

Laid-back, sophisticated Jazz piece with classy old-time feel.

Seductive Encounters

Sensual, sophisticated Latin Cha Cha Cha, with classy full-band arrangement.

Paradise On Earth

Charming, elegant orchestral piece with magical Disney atmosphere.

Overcoming The Odds

Emotional, inspiring piece with piano and strings. Very elegant and passionate atmosphere.

Onward Through Life

Inspiring, uplifting track with full-band arrangement. Starts softly, then gradually builds throughout...

Noble Statesman

Uplifting elegant orchestral piece with noble, stately feel.

Miracles Happen

Magical Disney-style orchestral piece. Great for cinematic or children's use.

Many Years Ago

Sophisticated, elegant old-time swing piece with full-band orchestration. Happy-go-lucky atmosphere.

Life Of The Riches

A short, catchy Disney-style orchestral piece - great for scene ending, logo or corporate ID.

Leaving No Trace

Short, energetic Action/Adventure track with urgent, tense atmosphere. Great for stinger or scene change.

Just Loving It All

Uplifting, quirky Jazz piece with full-band arrangement. Comedic, happy-go-lucky feel.

Join Me For Tea

A catchy, quirky orchestral piece with a magical Disney-style feel.

Inspired By The Dream

Cinematic, Disney-style piece with intricate arrangement. Begins softly, then gradually builds into an inspiring festive finale!

I Will Find My Way

Delicate, sentimental piece with beautiful piano melody and lush strings.
Yann Keerim
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