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Perfect to use on videos, movies, advertising, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, on blog videos.

Planet Wasteland

Disturbing and claustrophobic, This hybrid orchestral and electronic tune has a science fiction dystopian future mood, cyberpunk style and action and suspense purposes.

Anthem Funk Rock

A super stylish, groovy and upbeat Funk track that will Rock your world! Featuring; Tight funky overdrive/crunch guitars, groovy bass riff and uptempo breakbeat drums. Perfect for TV or radio adverts, corporate videos, commercials, motivational videos, fun videos, cool and suave videos, heist films...

Under Attack

Dramatic and suspenseful orchestral cinematic piece.

Take In The Funk

A top-notch Funk groove with a prominent bass line and tasty percussion. Also featuring electric guitars, sharp brass and tight drums. Great for commercials, fun videos, cool, suave videos, heist films, spy films, sports, action, podcasts, funny videos, social media and more.

Casino Men

An instrumental groovy track with a heist film vibe.

Ocean Ten

Ocean Ten is a jazzy, vintage, cool, funky music, featuring electric piano, electric guitars, horns, winds, upright bass, drums. Perfect for: casino videos, cool videos, lifestyle and fashion, GoPro travel footage, car videos, cinema production, advertising, commercials, comedy, urban videos, prese...

Documentary Tension Background

Repetitive and pulsating cinematic documentary music, with strings, ambient piano, and layers of percussive elements. This piece is perfect as underscore for documentary's, TV drama, thriller, crime, short films, history, espionage, conspiracy, government and other projects that need a suspenseful a...

Funky Comedic Heist

Get your groove on with this quirky funky pop track. This track intros with a bass riff combined with a twangy clean guitar playing the high octave. As the beat kicks in, a flute is introduced as the main catchy melody to the track. Great for a comedic bank heist / planning scene / vlog or anythin...

The Raven

''The Raven'' is a suspenseful gangster hip-hop track that sets the mood for a dramatic, suspenseful, and emotional projection. Included powerful and dirty beat with orchestra, guitar, scratches, organ, and synths. Background music for videos, action films, trailers, gangsta rap themes, video games,...

The Cosmopolitan Groove

An instrumental Salsa/Lounge/Funk style track with a "heist film" vibe.
Yann Keerim
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