Joseph Nimoh - 11 tracks

Award-winning Pianist and Composer Joseph Nimoh create music that inspires, relaxes the mind, help people find stillness in everyday life. Joseph’s music incorporates elements of several genres. His music has been described as emotionally rich, soothing, and peaceful.

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How Sweet The Name of Jesus Sounds

A gorgeous, breezy solo piano rendition of a classical religious hymn, with dreamy vibes, great for worship and TV scenes that require meditation and reflection on faith.

Everyday Stillness

A peaceful instrumental featuring a calm piano and strings suitable for relaxation and reflections. Would work well in a film / tv scene that requires contemplative, melancholic, deep thought, somber type of music.

The Spirit's Call

A soul stirring instrumental featuring pad, strings, and flute. Suitable for film/tv scenes that require contemplation, meditation, spirituality, pastoral, middle eastern, or ethnic/indigenous type of music.

Longings of The Heart

A beautiful, inspiring and calm solo piano music piece, with dreamy vibes, suitable for romantic love stories, weddings, slideshows, meditative, or emotional content.

Pensive Mood

A mellow jazz track with piano, upright bass, and drums suitable for film/tv scenes that requires a laid back jazz backgrounds, an intimate moment, or a quiet romantic night.

O Holy Night

A beautiful rendition of a time-honored Christmas carol, with an engaging piano and lovely strings, ideal for a Hallmark Xmas movie, bright opener, advert, or winter themed slideshow.

Love Never Fails

A gorgeous, mid tempo piano driven cinematic theme, with fabulous live strings, ideal for romantic Valentine's day, emotional, intimate, or nostalgic scenarios.

Angels We Have Heard

A gorgeous, classical Christmas carol, with a gentle piano and lush strings orchestra, ideal for Hallmark Christmas movies, Xmas ads, vlog backgrounds, or fairytales.

Away In A Manger

An exciting, uplifting Christmas carol, with a lovely piano, expressive strings and Americana feel to it, great for Xmas films, fairy tales, ads, winter, or family montages.


A heroic, mid-tempo cinematic theme, with airy piano, pads, guitars, strings, marching snares, and percussions, great for films, TV shows, dramatic, or intense scenes.

The Designer

A beautiful mellow instrumental featuring felt piano, pads, French horn, and strings suitable for film/tv scenes requiring peaceful and inspiring orchestral music. Would serve very well as a film score, trailer music, romantic scenes, drama music, motivational videos, nostalgic moments, movie ending...
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