Anthony Henderson - 5 tracks

Ant P Henderson makes music to evoke emotions, tell stories and build deep connections with audiences.

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Power Up

A bright and uplifting track perfect for travelling montages and and energetic themes. Track breaks down into LoFi piano middle break before building back up to the main theme. Two versions provided with the option for a filtered introduction for a more exciting track.


A moment of reflection in the madness of life. The feeling of solitude, of calm and mindfulness. Think of gentle rain dropping off the leaves, staring out of the window on long, wet journeys. Think of the past, and smile because you still have the joy of the future. Single plucked nylon-esque gui...

Off Balance

A moody and haunting alt-rock groove comprised of drums, guitars and bass. Feelings of the world around tipping off balance and getting a bit too much.

Beautiful Life

Lo-Fi, bass driven piano groove with phasey saw tooth lead line. Perfect for the 2020s vibe.

Survive The Highlands

Think of mist, forests and elves. Think of switch back adventures in a European luxury sedan. Survive The Highlands is a mix or orchestral and electronic, driven by its four to the floor heartbeat and climaxing with brass and woodwinds. It's the perfect accompaniment to your next epic adventure.
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