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Epic Magic Cinematic Elfman Action

A bit of Elfman style for an orchestral&choir track that starts slowly and mysterious and then break up with epic percussions and great impact, magic and heroic. SLOW INTRO (0'') SECTION A (27'') SECTION B SOFT (1'30'') REPRISE A (2'22'')

Epic Magic Cinematic Elfman Action - 30sec

30'' cut version (Orchestra & choir, epic percussions and great sound impact, magic and heroic.)

Mime Clown loop

Funny melody, ideal for cartoon and animation. What is more, the song may be used in comedy movie, especially for children. Thank you for listening.

Triumphant (Orchestral)

Big, bombastic track painting a picture of a King's court in medieval times. Big brass gives a feel of power and grandeur. Equally at home depicting a battle scene or power that comes with the corporate world. Great for advertising where a feel of dominance or dominion needs to be portrayed.

Raid (War Score)

A dramatic, building track perfect for a war scene or opening credits. Orchestral + electronic hybrid for Great for sports, advertising, corporate & medical. A slow, tense build-up leads to full on bombastic drums with a little air at 1:50 with a build at 2:30 through to a big climatic choir finish.


by Rolly
Great track for a trailer. Ambient introduction turns in to an orchestral driving rock track in the style of Danny Elfman. Big sound. Bombastic.

Arrival (Triumphant)

A powerful, regal orchestral piece with a horn lead. Perfect for advertising corporate strength and dominance. Reminiscent or an Emperor entering court. Company dominance, a triumphant return after battle. Great for a medieval battle or court scene. Advertising, TV, film & trailer.

Achilles (Tension-Percussion)

Insistent and building drum track punctuated with brass. Building tension leads to explosive, dramatic inceptive brass invoking feelings of being hunted down. Perfect for building tension within scenes for a thriller or horror scene. Great for any situation where a feeling of fear needs to be convey...

Battle Hymn (Epic Orchestral)

A powerful, epic track with choir vocals. Dramatic string sections & big drums make this a brilliant track for promotions. Great for a trailer or medieval battle scene underscore. Perfect for sports, advertising, corporate & medical. Slower, melancholic strings help build movement & feeling.

Haunting Winter Snow

Close your eyes and let this gorgeous orchestral soundtrack captivate your imagination, with images of frozen snow settled on still pine branches, the chill winter air turning to crystals in the perfectly still air. This white Christmas atmospheric collage of textures and beauty paints the magic of ...

Disney Magic Soundtrack

Prepare to be astounded by this gorgeous exquisite orchestral theme, which will give you tingles down the spine as it inspires the mind with thoughts of magic, fantasy, mystery, adventure and marvel! Swelling percussion, soaring strings, mystical woodwinds, and lush orchestral colours fill this e...

Sycamore Avenue

An ominous psychological horror track featuring piano, harp and glockenspiel. A great spooky scene setter

Blood Moon Waltz

A fun gothic and whimsical waltz arranged for full orchestra, with a compliment of choir, harpsichord and celesta. Light and graceful until the big 'oom-pah' climax. Perfectly suited for Halloween, kids, gothic, comedy, games, trailers,etc

Funny Ghost

Funny melody, ideal for cartoon and animation. What is more, the song may be used in comedy movie, especially for children. Thank you for listening.

Spooky Halloween Trailer

A spooky halloween trailer with strings, harp, theremin, church organ, brass, choir, harpsichord and a nervous xylophone. Have fun!

A Winter's Tale

Whimsical fairytale music featuring harp, strings and celesta.

476 Halloween Gang AC2

A dark, fun and nice track for Halloween, featuring electric piano, electric guitars and spooky vocals.
Yann Keerim