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Pirate horror stories at night

The fearsome story of a seasoned pirate! Foreshadowing the imminent battle, A demonstration of leadership and victory!

Fight For The Crown

Epic, memorable royalty-free orchestral music, with dark strings, pads, cellos, horns, hits, and war drums, best for games, trailers, adventure, pirates and fantasy related projects.

Orchestral epic adventure game

This is an epic orchestral song! It’s a massive score with a huge anthemic chorus, a powerful and memorable strings, enormous drums, a whirlwind of woodwind, brass and horns and various atmospheric elements.

Raising the flag

An epic, orchestral track.A full orchestra with ostinato strings,big percussion and horns forming the soundscape for a dreamy battle.

Ethereal Tin Whistle

Traditional Irish wind instrument with dramatic folk atmosphere in the first part. NO drums. String section and Full orchestra building an adventure track in the second part. Triumphal and catchy melody. Celtic dream instrumental air. Guitar. Beautiful ambient-esque traditional European. Brave.

Intense Cinematic Intro

Power and energetic Action track, ideal sound for action and adventure, crime and detective films, background music and video games.

Epic Adventure

Epic Cinematic track with a catchy dramatic orchestral melodies. This orchestral music track could be used for movie trailers, video games, battle scenes of good & evil, adventure stories, historical films, advertisement, fantasy, presentations, intro, and superheroes.

Viking Warriors

Epic Viking music suitable for trailers and videos for all kinds. Action, strong, dark and atmospehric cinematic soundtrack with ancient nordic and celtic elements. Perfect for film soundtrack, movie trailer, video game soundtrack, strategy game, score for gothic videos, history, documentary,

Epic Pirate Adventure

Adventure cinematic music for intense heroic videos for pirate ship or pirate battles. This soundtrack is also suitable for video about explorers, pioneers, heroic discoverers.

Irish Fast Rock

Irish folk rock music with power electric guitars, bass and folk violin. Great for energetic projects, epic action movies or sports videos.

Irish Rock

Irish folk rock music with power electric guitars, bass and folk violin. Great for energetic projects, epic action movies or sports videos.


An epic and bombastic orchestral cue with large strings, brass and woodwinds sections re-enforced by big toms, snares, timpanis and male choirs. Conveys adventure, piratry, heroïsm, war, fantasy worlds etc. Perfect fit for action and adventure games, shows, trailers, movies and many more Composer...

Prelude to the Battle

''Prelude to the Battle'' - is an Epic Cinematic Background Music/Dramatic Orchestral Trailer Music. Background music for videos, films, cinematic scenes, movie trailers, gaming videos, game trailers, social media, websites, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, Facebook, Instagram, for commercial purposes,...
Yann Keerim
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