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Lurking Fear

A dark and atmospheric orchestral piece. Conveys danger, uniseaness and nightmares. Great fit for horror and thriller productions or anything that needs an unnerving and dark background music.

Nightmare Lane

A dark, creepy and unnerving track featuring disturbing cellos and violins techniques, ethereal choirs and other dark sfx. Great fit for horror, thriller and scary productions or any project that needs an ominous background music.

Haunted Violins

Very lively and powerful chamber string piece for suspenseful and moody productions. It is played in a contemporary style and features fast string spiccatos, powerful double bass and cellos and an evolving tension with different strong and virtuostic string sections. Great fit to create a tense and...

Nights Draw In

Floating and solemn music background with mysterious elements, featuring somber strings and piano that create a pensive, ominous mood. Ideal for movies, trailers, video games, cinematic projects and more.

Blues Rock Background

'Blues Rock Background' is a blues rock background music track featuring acoustic piano, electric guitar, hammond organ, bass and drums. It wil work for product presentattions, vlogs, commercials, films, movies, commercials etc.

Abandoned Shipyard - (Calm Dark Synth)

Dark looping synth and bass, very simple and laid-back. Perfect for crime, horror, war or alien invasion. Investigation, science or dramatic content is also a good fit.

Evolving Tension - (Pulsating Mysterious, Suspense)

** Also check out the loop version WITHOUT drums and WITHOUT evolving into a bright part! ** Pulsating dark and scary drone that evolves to be more and more aggressive and bright to the end of the track. Perfect for crime, horror, war or alien invasion. Investigation, science or dramatic content is...

Spaceship Cargo Hold - (Scary, Mysterious, Suspense)

Pulsating dark and scary atmosphere drone sprinkled with low volume critter / insect like sounds far out there in the corner of the alien spaceship. A slow ominous deep bass keeps going through the entire track until it fades out. Perfect for crime, horror, war or alien invasion. Investigation, scie...

DeStrukt (Action & Adventure EDM)

Aggressive bright and fast synthesizer vibes. Suitable for action content or exciting adventures!

Orchestral Tension

Tense and edgy music for the suspens and action build ups. Features powerful brass shots, fast violin tremolos, deep low strings, percussions and timpani. An evolving tension builds up with different epic yet unnerving themes including an beatiful and mysterious bridge. Perfect to create a tenseful,...

Ominous Orchestral Creshendo

A bone-chilling and disturbing short piece written for Orchestra. Composer: Julian Korbl (SACEM) CAE/IPI: 01065089160

Mysterious Cinematic Ambient

Mysterious cinematic royalty free instrumental background music underscore with somber, ambient, and slightly dark noir feel for storytelling video, film, documentary, game, and commercial business use.

Origins of Dystopia

Retro futuristic track with dirty and distorted arpeggiated synthesizer lines. Heavy bass with a simple driving beat. This track could be suitable for dystopia or content that needs a serious emotion. Science fiction, ancient robots or technology related content should also be a good fit for this pi...

Vintage Horror Ident ( Orchestral )

A retro sounding suspensful and horrific track that features theremin, organ, ambient fx, string section and percussions. Great fit for nostalgic productions, horror and science fiction videos, films, intros, openers, jingles and more. Composer: Julian Korbl (SACEM) CAE/IPI: 01065089160
Yann Keerim
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