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I write music for advertising and movies.

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Fun Positive Rock

Happy and Positive rock track. Perfect for summer videos, sports, TV commercial, corporate, lifestyle, kids videos, family, celebration, jingles, funny videos, podcast music, promotion media, slideshows or any projects that need a positive energetic sound.

Stylish Slow Rock

This is modern rock music full of energy and power. Great for sport videos, commercials, movie soundtrack, fashion projects, openers and many more!

Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll – this is indie rock music that will make you move. Dirty Overdrive and fuzz guitars make this track powerful. Great for any dynamic video, trailer, sport and extreme sports video, car and moto videos and more.

Ambient Rock

Ambient rock with atmospheric electric guitars and power drums. Perfect for timelapse, documentary videos, nature, commercial, treval videos, film, slow motion, vlog and youtube.

Stylish Sport Rock Intro

Stylish Sport Rock Intro powerful and hard rock track is perfect for your media project, advertising, extreme and sports videos, fashion, moto and car videos and more.

Driving Rock

This powerful track will put energy in any project.

Dirty Garage Rock

Dynamic and powerful rock music with driving guitars, punchy drums in hard rock style. Great for sport videos, moto and car videos and more.

Travel Folk

Travel Folk – uplifting and motivational acoustic folk music. Great for inspiring videos about travel, about the natural landscapes, motivational and slideshows and more.

Action Sport Trailer

Great for extreme and sport videos, games, backgrounds, films, youtube, tv advertisements, action movies, trailers, commercials and visual.

Rock Trailer

This cinematic rock track is perfect for action scenes, trailers and video games.

Christmas Rock

Christmas Rock is a pop punk rock track, featuring electric and acoustic guitars, drums, sleight bells, tubular bells and overall good mood and feel! Perfect for christmas and new year videos, advertising background, broadcast tv, movie, film, commercial & corporate projects, high school or lifstyle...

Motivational Post Rock

Motivational Post Rock is a motivational rock track with an inspiring and uplifting feel. Featured instruments: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, percussion. Perfect for motivational videos, commercials, advertising, presentations, slideshow, corporate, movies, films, trailers, teasers...

Sport Rock

Sport Rock is power, strong, aggressive rock beat. Perfect for TV-shows, commercials, sport projects, extreme sport videos, presentations, games, youtube videos, films.

Christmas Rock

Christmas Rock is pop punk track. Great for positive YouTube video, TV show, New Year projects, Christmas background music for commercial projects

Driving Sport Rock

This track is fun, energetic and upbeat with catchy guitar riff. Best for movie trailers, background music, celebration and party videos, commercials, vacation videos, sports videos, extreme sport videos, media presentations, youtube videos, travel videos, advertising and many more!

Motivational Rock Corporate

This bright, energetic , upbeat and inspiring track. Great for promotion, background videos, commercial and advertising, lifestyle videos, blogs and vlogs, energetic videos, corporate videos, Youtube videos, workout videos, travel videos, motivational video and inspiring advertising.

Powerful Slow Rock

Stylish and strong rock track. Perfect for sports and extreme, cars, action video, trailer and any other energetic projects.

Rock Grunge

Power grunge rock beat composition with guitars, bass and drums. Perfect for adverisement, corporate video, media projects etc.
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