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FREE TIME (Pop Dance)

Pop Dance not loud but energetic with cathy theme. A discovery enterprise with dancing adventures. Works for social media, adv, infomercials, or wherever you need carefreeness & positivity. Joy Of Life, friendship, Action, Commercial, Promo, Party, Radio, Sports, Dance, Pop, Iconic, Travel, Lifes...

Successful People

This is a positive uplifting corporate track featuring pop rock instruments like piano drums and bass, strings, pads, acoustic and electric guitars bringing an elegant vibe to your projects. Please listen both versions and choose the energetic rock version 1 or version 2 with a lighter acoustic feel...

Modern Science

Modern Science is an uplifting modern track with chilled pads, glitchy sound effects and a motivational and confident inspirational mood suitable for all kinds of corporate presentations, ads, fashion and technology or science-related content.

BRAND NEW DAY (Orchestral Emotional)

Intense emotional uplifting with a feeling of rebirth to new life and discovery enterprise.

Corporate Positive Upbeat Ambient

Instrumental music made for piano, guitars and electronic instruments. The style is close to techno, dance and ambient music. The mood is happy and cheerful and transmits very positive and optimistic feelings in an ethereal background. This music fits perfect as a background for corporate and techno...

The Most Happy Day

Instrumental music made for synthesizers, piano and guitars. The style is corporate and the mood is uplifiting happy. This music fits perfect for corporate productions, as a background. great presence of acoustic guitars and a great happy and uplifting mood, also perfect fit for any happy cheerful a...

Planning Your Future

Modern corporate music with a trendy sound and motivational atmosphere. Perfect background for business promo videos, product advertising, career success, company presentations, startup promos, real estate videos, youtube and Instagram integrations, TV ads, and commercials.

ARMOR (Epic Dangerous Adventure)

Epic, enchanting and glorious at the same time. Building intro, big theme, action hits. Action Adventure Epic Hollywood Army Trailer Videogames War Dangerous Heroic

CHEWING GUM (ElectroFunk)

Captivating but not invasive background in old style Electro-Funk with funny animated mood.


Soft enchanting magical mystery epic.
Yann Keerim
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