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Wild Horses

upbeat and energetic wild west track that would be perfect for horse ride/rodeo scenes.

Agressive Sport Oriental Trap Opener

Agressive, Modern and powerful oriental trap song with plucky leads, trap bells, electric guitars, oriental percussions, powerful kick and 808 – best for sport opener, fitness advertising, branding and urban promotional related content.

First Rodeo - Southern Rock inspired by classic Eagles sound. High energy, big harmonies. Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney

Country/Rock song about seeing the end of a relationship, but preparing to move forward and start again. No hard feelings, all is forgiven. Classic sound inspired by The Eagles opens with a capella vocals before kicking into a driving 122 BPM rhythm, with plenty of harmonies.

Train To The Wild West

Spaghetti western orchestral theme with all the elements of the genre: strumming acoustic guitars, passionate Opera choirs, symphonic orchestra, vibrating blues harmonica, tubular bells, mouth harp and percussions. Adventure, epic mood with the idea of open spaces and cinematic scenarios: right sou...

Good Old Mississippi SHORT VERSION

Upbeat and lively Dixieland piece with traditional instrumentation. Great for travel show.


Upbeat Hillbilly Country track with comical feel. Will add a little humour to any scene!


Upbeat Country rodeo track with comical feel. Upbeat drum/bass groove and twangy guitars. Put your riding boots on!

Rodeo (Vox)

Happy, upbeat Country track with male vocals. Comical and fun.


Upbeat Hillbilly Country track with comical feel. Will add a little humour to any scene!

Good Old Mississippi

Upbeat and lively Dixieland piece with traditional brass band instrumentation. Great for travel show.

Long Country Road

Driving Southern Rock track with Country/Blues guitars, solid drum/bass groove and piano.

Gonna Find Me A Stallion

Classic Country Rock with with upbeat southern feel. Sure to get ya feet tappin'!!!

Days Of Hope

Contemporary Country Rock track capturing that good-old Southern feel.

Country Caper Stinger

Screwball Country and Western fused with a little Bluegrass. Frenetic, and just a bit silly. Great for comedy, chases and radio/podast bumpers.

Cowboys land no drums

A fun upbeat country pickin instrumental. Energetic positive and humorous. Great for comedy, slapstick and any media needing a humorous vibe with a country sound. It has a fast paced feel so it's good for busy scenes, hectic and silliness. This tune will give your media plenty of life and bounce. a ...

Cowboys land

Wild west funk rock western theme music with harmonica and atmospheric low choir. Think Red Dead Revolver, Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Young Guns, Wyatt Earp, Cowboys and Indians, Desert Landscape, Triumphant Gun Fights, Covered Wagon, Pioneers, Heroes and Bad-guys, Sheriffs and Deputies, American C...
Yann Keerim
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