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Burning In My Soul P.4

This composition has an old-school feel, which will obviously bring back many memories for those who raved back in the 90s/2000s. I would describe this track as feel-good music. Why is that? That's because it will get you busting those shuffle moves on the dance floor. You'll enjoy this if you love ...

Mozart Sonata 9. Mvmt1. Allegro con spirito

This is a fun "spirited" movement from Mozart to start his Piano Sonata No. 9 in D Major. Really moves from the first note, with some signature Mozart motifs without being too "well-known" like his other sonatas. Good for classical moments, wealthy scenes, would also work under voiceover at a low le...

Forever Farewell Emotional Piano

A gentle warm piano theme moves forward to a sad conclusion. Surrounded by strings and spacious effects this track works perfectly in scenes and media seeking an emotional undercurrent. A sense of realism is offered through the addition of some real recorded instruments.

Suspenseful Research Background

A tense melancholic background track consisting of different real played pianos, ticking and other suspenseful sounds. Perfect to use in the background of your documentary, corporate video, film or any other production seeking a supportive tense and mellow tone. The theme carries a touch of sadn...

Forever Alone Sad Background

Sad melancholic background track consisting of piano, strings and cinematic sounds. The repeating theme slowly develops as the piece moves forward to a conclusion. The tempo, instrumentation and production of the track allow other elements to come in such as narration. Therefore the track is perfect...

At Last

Big, warm and emotional epic track with a playful beginning, big orchestra, percussion and brass. Very heroic in the mid-part, accompanied by lush strings and big brass, whereas the closure moves towards a more pulsating, vibrant end. Beautiful dressed track with a rich orchestration, chord progress...
Yann Keerim
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