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It is Gypsy Swingtime

Gypsy Jazz music with acoustic guitar, piano, upright bass, discreet brass section and drum brush kit. Greatas background music for TV show, video blog,cooking show,cartoon,travel show, media project related to coffee, food, wine, café and restaurants.

Groovy Downtempo

A groovy deep looped trip hop track. Perfect for Video production, youtube video, corporate video, advertising, background music, presentations, podcasts, TV, background for cafes, restaurants, boutiques an more.

Luxury Living

Luxury Living is a laid back chill track which is perfect to promote high class restaurants or hotels. It's perfect if you're looking for an exclusive image.

A Brazilian Lover

Instrumental Acoustic jazz & Bossa Nova from Brazil, composed for saxophones tenor and alto, electric piano, piano and drums, ideal for travel and documentaries. Also great for cooking tv shows, restaurants, elevator, commercials and ads.

A Night In The Jazz Club

Instrumental retro and old jazz music composed for alto and tenor saxophones, trumpet, piano, electric piano and drums, ideal as a background in restaurants, TV shows presentations, cooking, food and tv comedy and series.

Worthwhile (Indie Acoustic Guitar Uplifting)

Worthwhile (Indie Acoustic Guitar Uplifting) is a pacifying endless stream of the amazing sound of an acoustic guitar and piano that radiates peace and tranquility and is conducive to reflection and meditation. Relaxes and makes thoughts and mind light and clear. Works great with travel videos, stor...

Ambient Lofi

A deep ambient looped chill hop track. It is perfect for video production, youtube videos, corporate videos, advertising, background music, presentations, podcasts, TV. It is also great as a background for cafes, restaurants, boutiques, etc.

Smooth Lounge Hip-Hop

This is a relaxed smooth, lounge hip-hop track with a comfortable and laid-back feeling. Chillin guitar and horns lines evolve along with lush rhodes chords over a deep bass and drums beat. From lounge bars and restaurants background music, to fashion, luxury or lifestyle videos, through vlog, trav...

A Modern Boom Bap

This is an hiphop track with a classic boombap jazzy beat, but with a modern sound and a rather upbeat tempo and feel. Some horns and and a ryhtmic guitars add a dynamic touch. Can be used for any vlog, travel, fashion, luxury or lifestyle video. The overall warm, smooth and light sound can also ma...

Fashion Tech Lounge - Loop Version

Background tech lounge music. Great for fashion shows, fashion reviews, beauty blog, hightech visuals, newest technologies, innovations, promotion, commercial, advertising video, street lifestyle video, photo collage and photo slideshow. Also good for cafes, restaurants, hotels, clubs, radio statio...
Yann Keerim
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