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Savannah (Afro Ambient)

Savannah (Original mix): A smooth, tasteful and elegantworld-inspired track featuring marimba and with elements ofboth ethnic and electronic music. Bjorn Lynne (PRS).

Afro Perc 30

by TMC
Percussion solos World music Suitable for documentaries

Afro Perc Improviz

by TMC
Percussion solos World music Suitable for documentaries

Afro Perc LOOP

by TMC
Percussion solos World music Suitable for documentaries

Hip Hop RnB lush arrangement

A mix of hip hop beat, funky elements, brass, synth and a lush orchestral arrangement for an energetic track to emphasize a sport broadcasting or something similar, with an enthralling mood and synth melody. Action-packed adventures, sports competitions, racing, running, with a powerful driving hi...

African Dance

African drums and kalimba provide a rhythmical backdrop for this flowing track. A soprano sax dances around to help drive the piece forward with a subtle haste. Never too fast and never too dull, this upbeat and lively music creates a safari type atmosphere

Think about You

Similar to "Sky full of Stars" by Coldplay/Avicii, "Think about You" is a powerful electronic pop beat with all the fundamental elements that make a beat unforgettable. The Catchy melodies and Heartfelt Chords Spark Emotions such as Love, Hope and Getting Lost in the Night. This dance Instrumental w...

Come Back To Me

An Atmospheric Instrumental That adds emotion and energy to any scene or sequence. This Would be a good romantic/love scene beat. The Electronic Dance elements reflect that of artists like avicii,afrojack and tiesto. The Melody itself is captivating and unforgettable!

Need You More Than Ever

An Avicii/Afrojack inspired House Instrumental that teems with life and energy. This instrumental can be used for a wide array of scenes and emotions, from love to happiness, to a club scene/night out or simply having a good time. The Energetic drops and transitions and big chorus will truly stick t...

Standing Tall

Standing tall is an uplifting and motivational beat that will get people in a good mood. Similar in style to artists like afrojack and calvin harris, this instrumental would go well with a nice summer scene or a club scene, anywhere where people are having a good time! The catchy synth melodies and ...

Give me a Smile

Fun and upbeat african pop track. Reminiscent of Paul Simon. Would work great for travel related advertising or island music.

African Journey

A fantastic, festive and happy track with african voices, marimba, kalimba, double bass and latin and african percussion. A great track for any production where an ethnic and festive mood is required.

Chande For Our Kids

A fantastic track for kids, featuring Afro-Colombian rhythms and percussion. A beautiful ethnic track for children.

Jazz voyage

Jazz music in piano trio format recorded with acoustic instruments. Jazzy and Bluesy with piano, double bass and drums. Melody with Afro-Latin rhythm and solos with walking double bass, swing


A full symphony orchestra piece. Enchanting vibrant Africa for a moving documentary or travel channel melody for children & expensive productions. Solo on calimba, steel drums & elegant African choir. Rich and full orchestration, harp glissando with screaming French horns. Atmospheric dreamy & fun Q...
Yann Keerim
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