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Shake the world

Track mixed rock styles and accessories orchestral parts, which gives a powerful sound and creates an atmosphere of tension since the spy thriller.


If you've ever watched films of Guy Ritchie, then I do not need to tell you about this track, you will hear it yourself. If not, here's a description: explosions, car chases, shootouts, fights, robbery, courage and adrenaline. This is not a complete list of characteristics with which you can associa...


A classic Brit-pop melody that captures the spirit and mood of London and Britain. Positive attitude, marching trumpets, triplet rhythm. This composition can be heard from any of the most famous British rock bands. For ease of editing, there are several versions of the track and loop in the archive:...

Happy Indie Summer Rock

Summer positive indie track. Major chords and a pleasant melody take you to summer. The composition is performed in the best traditions of British indie bands. The archive includes the following files: Happy Indie Summer Rock – 2:18 Happy Indie Summer Rock Shorts – 0:42

British Invaders

An instrumental Rock track with a retro psychedelic vibe. Perfect for ads and vlogs.


British modern rock, with a brass section. A bright positive track conveying the spirit of Britain. Double-decker buses, prim policemen, black taxi, Big Ben. Such a track is ideal for voice acting of youth scenes: advertising, cinema, travel, parties. Archive includes: 1. Britpop – 2:09 sec 2. Bri...

A Whole New World

Mysterious and exciting soundtrack featuring piano and orchestra.

Forsaken City

Dark and dystopian soundtrack featuring synths and orchestra.

Irish St. Patricks Day with modern drums

'Irish St. Patricks Day' is an folk song in the style of traditional Irish folk tunes. It consists of fiddle, Irish whistle flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin bodhrán drum, a modern drum kit and electric bass.

Irish St. Patricks Day traditional version

'Irish St. Patricks Day' is an folk song in the style of traditional Irish folk tunes. It consists of fiddle, Irish whistle flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin bodhrán drum and bass.

High Gain Rock

Full of power and energy British garage rock music. Use it in your video projects for cars, bars, men’s fragrance and aggressive sports.

The British Grenadiers

The British Grenadiers is a well known military march from the 17th century, still used in all the artillery units in the armies of Great Britain, Canada and Australia, often associated with the American Revolutionary War and the redcoats. Instruments feature a flute ensemble, snare ensemble and a ...

The Departure

Emotional and dramatic orchestral track with suspenseful and cinematic motif. Builds in tension and emotion, featuring felt piano, strings, brass and percussion. Great for heartfelt and sentimental videos, trailers, drama, documentary, emotional cinematic and more.


Dark and suspenseful underscore track featuring real synthesizers, ostinato strings and solo violin. Builds in tension, creating a mood of danger and threat. This song is perfect for intros, drama and crime fiction, movie trailers, documentaries, TV ads, YouTube videos and more!
Yann Keerim
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